Ye Jianming, Biden's Partner, Had Ties to Chinese Communist Party


Vuk jeremic a Serbian politician had recently served as president of the United Nations General Assembly But an email under the younger Biden that he was hosting a small private dinner in Washington with Yi whom he called one of the ten wealthiest Chinese businessmen and 100 to ten Hunter was unable to attend the dinner and Jeremy said in an email to the post that while he knew both men he was not involved in their mutual introduction and found out from media reports that the two would eventually connected Now this Chinese Communist Party company CFC is a massive oil and gas company founded in two zero zero two 2002 at financing from government development banks ties to the Communist Party of China and the People's Liberation Army according to people who studied the firm yeast official biography said he was once deputy secretary the China association for international friendly contact wow what a name An organization that a 2011 U.S. congressional report called a front for the People's Liberation Army Surely after Joe Biden left the vice president he Hunter Biden and Ye met over dinner in Miami The two discussed business opportunities for the communist Chinese company in the United States including a $40 million joint venture to produce liquefied natural gas in Louisiana That deal failed but yemin was so pleased with his initial meeting with Hunter Biden that after dinner he sent a 2.8 carat diamond a hundred Biden's hotel room with a card thanking him for the conversation according to The New Yorker

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