Who Is Controlling the American Church?


Who is controlling the American church. What if I told you that the federal government had infiltrated parts of American evangelical Christianity? Well, Megan basham from the daily wire has done some amazing investigative reporting on this and research Megan. Welcome to the Charlie Kirk show. Thanks so much for having me, Charlie. So Megan, tell us you had an amazing video that I watched and I wanted to have you on the program. So build it out for us. How was the American church really infiltrated by left wing COVID narratives in the midst of the last two years? Well, you know, we've done a couple of extensive reports on this and they were all kind of condensed in that video. And it really started at the beginning of COVID when the federal government dispatched Frances Collins to he was the head of the NIH, the national Institutes of health, Anthony Fauci's boss, and he was dispatched to convince evangelicals to stop being resistant. And he's been very clear and on record on tape saying, I was sent to deal with evangelical resistance to lockdowns to mask mandates to vaccine mandates. So he went into churches. He had a lot of really strong relationships with what you might call the elite evangelical class, some very well-known pastors like Tim Keller, Rick Warren, and stetzer at the Billy Graham center at Wheaton college, Russell Moore, who was then head of the public policy arm of the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S., which is the Southern Baptist convention. So just a really influential people. And he drew on those friendships to do interviews, podcasts, where he was presented as the strong Christian brother. To come on and give advice on how and why to submit to all of these COVID rules. And when he presented these things, he didn't do it just from a medical point of view. He, along with these pastors, presented it as this is how you show your love for Jesus. This is how you obey the gospel. And that was really something that they didn't just say, look, we're presenting a scientific point of view. Here is one scientist you might want to listen to. They didn't present any counter points of view from the scientific community, but that they really punched it up with if you want to love your neighbor. If you want to obey Christ, this is how you do it.

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