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Skyrocketing gun violence in Columbus 174 homicides last year Brand new record. We're on pace for homicides set so far in January that would surpass all All of that from last year and let's give it our police chief. And worse Yet there's a lot of people not wearing masked it who's in charge of Columbus, who's in charge of the police. Who's Who's protecting these people. Clearly it's the police's fault. That we have 174 homicides last year. It's the police Columbus Police Department. Must be the problem. Well, they should be in every home. You know, making sure that there's no domestic violence they should be. They're eating dinner with you in case anybody, you know, starts an argument. Apparently, I'm just flabbergasted. Nothing surprises me. City of our size, tolerates a mayor. Who acts like this. Seem who truly thinks that his constituency

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