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My name is rita. K i am ellen bernstein brodsky is your grandmother and is a podcast about the relationship between grandmothers and grandchildren as my mother would have said who wouldn't wanted a jewish grab. Sometimes she accidentally livestreams. Who's going to tell her up. Just hearing about this. Listen to call your grandmother. Are they all your heart. Radio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Hello everybody that's the scientist. From simpson's i could be wrong though i don't know there's my impersonation for the day all right. You guys have been great. We'll see you next week. How's everyone doing feeling good. Well if not. I got some for you today. I've done a lot of episodes. i haven't gone counted. How many episodes we've done the wells cast but it's got to be over one hundred and then in my radio career i've done. Thousands of interviews of interviewed everybody from actors musicians to comics two chefs to authors to mediums. And everyone in between and the trick to a good interview really is figuring out a way that makes the listener. Feel like they're a part of the conversation and you can do that in a couple ways. I mean one way you can literally talk to the listener. Which is what a radio. Dj does between songs every break. You can have musician. Come on and play something. That is so touching that the listener feels moved by the piece. You can interview someone. And they can tell such an intimate story about themselves that everyone can relate and you also can do it by energy and i say that because everyone this is going back to my radio days but everyone is having day when they're listening to the radio especially when i had my morning show. It was a hard show to do because everyone felt like crap because it seven in the morning. You're driving some terrible nine to five that you don't wanna do you gotta deal with their crap boss and karen from accounting and you're trying to get people to feel good before they have to feel bad and so you've gotta come with solid energy and you never know what you're gonna get when you do interviews for morning shows but you try to book things that will be uplifting and positive and fun and funny and energetic and stuff i guess all that to be said. I wish i had this person on my show back when i did a morning show because if you are feeling like crap and hung over and drowsy and just not wanting to go into work and then you heard this interview. I think your day would turn around early due. At least that's how i felt going out of the interview was like phil so much better. Her energy was bonkers. It was so positive and funny and fun and lighthearted and inclusive. If you're a good interviewer you're also listening right. You know you're part of the audience. And so i just hope that you guys out there feel the same way that i i absolutely loved this inner right now. She is a show on net netflix. Which is a cooking show called best leftovers ever which basically gets a bunch of amazing cooks in and give them leftovers in the refrigerator and they say now you have to go make something special and it's an awesome show and it's perfect for right now because we are all stuck at home. We really can't go out so we've got leftover postmates and we're just like what we do. I don't know she's also on little show called glow on netflix. Which you guys haven't watched glow after you problem. 'cause it's phenomenal. But she's been around forever on american idol was on all that remember that back the day it's also on the show. The boys have you guys seen that done a lot. She's an amazing actress. obviously she's a phenomenal host. An incredible singer a fantastic. Stand up five to a player. She can do it all. And i'm telling you guys this is one interview. You are not going to want to miss when we come back. We're going to have jackie tone on the shell stick around. Rollet wells cast with the wells adams. An iheartradio podcast. Can you hear me. We are here. I should would headphones in. Maybe i should have prepared for this moment. A little better. No you're doing great. Whatever feels right to you as before we continue that you agree to send me the dog with the ears you want. What the real one or do you want the picture. That's your dog. Yeah he's downstairs sleeping right now he will pick up this interview at some point start howling. Don't worry okay because so am i. And so on my boyfriend's dog. And if the mailman comes it's game my dad glenn you sleeping on four blankets right now so if anybody else wanted a blanket. Yeah well that's my dog carl. I do appreciate that. Both of us have very personified. Dog names you watch it your dogs in. It's carl carl's bloodhound. You can follow him on instagram. if you want. I'm one of those people we don't need to get into. Why did it but it happened. So glenn don should have an instagram. And now i've had him so long the fact that he likes starting. now he's like a weird coal Really missed the on that one. Glenn you don't have instagram in your we are. There's a sweet story. I'm not like one of those like crazy narcissistic dog owners at just pedals. Their dog for maybe i am. I don't know but i went on a reality show. They took your phone away from you. And i was freaking out about my. I've been there with the no phone. No computer no contact with the outside world and you should lie to everybody and tell them you're off the grid and everyone's bitchy live in la. We know here on a reality. Show just out fame. Gone call carl. I was like thirty instagram account. My sister to take care of my dog. While i'm gone to my sister. I was like every three days. I need you to post a picture of carl. So i know he's okay. Then i'll tell our producer. Hey go check my dogs. instagram propofol. Just so i know he's okay and that's why had it and then it turned into a different thing. I just want him to know and you to know that his ears are the right size. Young corgi chow. You even imagine what i'm telling you right now. He's like a holiday ham with quarter inch legs. A every time you walk by museum is barren every time he lost. Finally i bear those. Are the right lane rough. Those are the right leg. Because you've gotta tell him because they're not the not the not yet no they're not. You got to pump mayor in those tires. That's a pretty perfect body. Do those are the right lane. Pledge brother like. I always try and let them now so hi. I'm jackie. hey jackie i'm wells. Nice to meet you do you. Do you wanna you wanna do this thing. Rina minute that was goal. Don't worry we're gonna use it to do this thing. Is your mouse pad. Pizza was no. it's seinfeld armageddon. Better pink i by is average so good hold on. Let me move this life martin. John let's go quick break when we come back we are actually gonna start this show. I think are

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