Senator Cantwell talks about tribal broadband at confirmation hearing


This is national native news antonio gonzales the biden administration says it's ordered a pause new oil and gas leasing on public lands does not apply to tribal nations the mountain west news bureaus savannah mar reports the administration issued the clarification after the chairman of the youth indian tribe called the initial. Moratorium direct attack on tribal sovereignty. Stephen fast tourists of the northern arapaho. Business council agreed that would impact all of our guests tribes. Pretty bad it would triple fast. Horror says those tribes rely on oil and gas revenue to pay for social services and unlike state and local governments. They don't have a tax base to back on. The issue is thornier for climate activists. Gold tooth with the nonprofit indigenous environmental network. It's nice to see them. Ministration recognized travel it is disheartening to the tribes. The use that to continue fossil fuel extraction moving forward gold tooth hopes to biden will support tribes in divesting from fossil fuel industry for national native news. I'm savannah mar this week. President biden signed a memorandum on tribal consultation. It directs all executive departments and agencies to engage a regular consultation with tribes agencies. Have ninety days to come up with a plan. Tribal leaders across the country are welcoming the memo in a statement principal chief of the cherokee nation. Chuck hoskin junior applauded. The action hoskins says meaningful consultation is vital to treble governments to have a seat at the table to shape policy and hold the federal government responsible. He says the memorandum is the first comprehensive white house affirmation of mandatory consultation with tribes since two thousand nine the tribal consultation follow directives laid out by the obama administration. President biden says he's committed to honoring tribal sovereignty and including tribal voices and policy and hopes to strengthen the government's relationship with tribes this week washington. Us senator. Maria cantwell address. President biden's nominee for us. Secretary of commerce rhode island governor gina raimondo and talked about tribal broadband. Steve jackson has more. Senator can't will introduce legislation last session. That would accelerate the deployment of broadband services to tribal communities by setting aside fcc and usda funds for deployment on tribal lands at the confirmation hearing for commerce secretary. Can't well made governor raimondo. Aware of the issue and the secretary will inherit a new program as part of the kobe. Bill the tribal broadband connectivity program. It two thousand nineteen report from. Fcc found that less than half of households in indian country have access to high speed broadband services a twenty percent gap from non tribal areas. And so i hope that we will be able to get good administration of that program. The cova pandemic has only increased the problem of limited broadband. Dude at more people working from home as well as distance learning for students for national native news. I'm steve jackson reporting from spokane alaskan native artist and illustrator. Michaela goad was honored by the american library association. This week with the randolph called toco metal. She said to be the first native american to win the award. A member of the central council of lincoln and haida indian tribes go was recognized for most distinguished american picture book for children. We are water protectors. The book written by carol lindstrom turtle mountain honors water protectors for fighting for indigenous rights and environmental justice. Awards were announced during the association's virtual midwinter gathering. I'm antonio

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