Why Todays Career Changers with Service Skills Can Find Opportunities Working in Tech

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What are some of the biggest tectonic shifts in the jobs landscape during those past two decades. Where are the opportunities for people now. Just starting to get into tech for twenty twenty one will over the next. Let's say ten years twenty twenty two twenty thirty. There's much faster than average growth expected for. It jobs overall in some of the greatest growth areas are still in the self development cyber security analyst spectrum girl by twenty eight percent over those ten years it support. Thirteen percent sa- last year in twenty twenty there were over eighty two thousand job postings for. It support specialists the number of job postings for it support specialist actually grew by a greater percentage when compared to software developers for example from twenty ten to twenty twenty it support. Specialist job ed's grew by one hundred twenty four percent a lot and compared to software developers. They still grew a lot to quite significantly They grew ninety eight percent ola to period but that was ninety eight percent for software developers versus hundred twenty four percent for support. Are any of those jobs. You think it'd be working from home in the newmarket is most of. It staff guam back into the office. Before i didn't even notice burning glass with track remote work at home opportunities at all in the job ads. And now i noticed they're always tracking it and we're always publicizing those type of numbers. So is that like a new phenomenon. Cova are we really tracking those numbers. Well we started looking at a few years ago and burning glaze his his at data going back to two thousand ten so we saw it trending up a little bit in prior years for example in twenty ten five percent of all. It job postings cited that either remote or work from home compared to last year in twenty twenty jumped to twenty two percent but it was already trending up like grow by one percent from twenty ten twenty seventeen two thousand eighteen eight percent of it. Job postings were remote work from home twenty nineteen there is a pretty big jump even from two thousand eighteen to twenty nineteen to fifteen percent but it was a significant drone from twenty nineteen at twenty twenty. After the pandemic i started it went from fifteen percent to twenty two percent so pretty considerable portion of it job types being worked from home or remote and from member bowls that we've run looks like the majority are considering even going forward still more employees to work remotely. I think that's fairly significant. If more than one out of every five. It jobs a rope from home right now. That's it the the ones being advertised. I should clarify that. Not just the ones in the market but also the ones being advertised that are open for people to get major changes l. Go back to how employees work and access. It wherever it may be from 'cause with that through cyber security concerns Data management in the skills that the. It employees intern need to be able to support all employees because of the effects of the pandemic last year we did see a majority of our member firms. Most of them are technology companies. They were going to continue to invest in technical training for their employees. In some of the top areas there were cybersecurity that was a top area. Sixty four percent of our own member companies. We're going to focus training efforts and cyber security cloud infrastructure and cloud locations technical. It support were the top areas. Were they can expect to see training support for employees. That's good to hear from the members especially because we do our own custom training program with amazon so they do a really good Career program for their own employees where they help pay for the tuition for them to get trained by. Come to you so that they can move from maybe the warehouse floor into. It jobs either. Four amazon or for other companies. Whichever works best for them. We always tell our graduates allowed him to be start on the help desk. You're gonna learn a lot of places where to go with intact but at that point then alive the more forward thinking employers and especially i would hope. It employers would be in that list. They'll help you get the certifications and the training you need in order to keep growing in your career. So it's good to see a lot of our own member. Companies are taking that same philosophy. Yes definitely a lot of different areas to grow into depending on your interest especially Various emerging technologies or save working for a different type of industry. You can really go after what you're interested. In business. intelligence data analysis networking there are gray salary opportunities for someone working in tech or wanting to move into a tuck position for example. The median salary for all occupations as the overall media and mrs according to the us bureau of labor statistics for twenty nineteen they Number was thirty nine thousand eight hundred and ten in so we're looking at just the tick patients. It's much greater median. Salary eighty eight thousand two hundred forty salaries range depending on location of course or companies as irs. Maybe someone's years of experience or The job role if we're looking for example at it support to decisions. The median salary for an it support specialists is fifty two thousand. Two hundred and seventy and that is thirty. One percent greater than the average for all occupations combined

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