Reflections On Atlanta Braves Legend Henry 'Hank' Aaron

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I could talk about the dignity in the class of hank. Aaron the man the you've been being for an hour easily but i'm a numbers guy and so let me tell you what i did. After hank aaron died i navigated over to his page on baseball reference. And i don't know. I just be held the majesty of this man's career and it literally gave me goosebumps. The more i looked the more. I realized he was beyond great. He was at some other level. He wound up with nearly thirty eight hundred hits. And that's a lot of freaking hits. It's a thousand more history chipper jones. It's two thousand more hits than mark. Maguire it's more hits than johnny bench and hank greenberg got combined and they're both in the hall of fame so i think about all those hints and i think about those seven hundred fifty five homeless because that's two hundred more homes than mickey mantle. Two hundred it's more homers than edgar martinez and duke snider hit combined. And they're both in the hall. But the more i dug i found other cool stuff to hank. Aaron had double digit home run seasons at age twenty and age. Forty here the only three players who did that. Willie mays ted williams hank aaron. That's a pretty good. Start on a mount rushmore. Would you say and all those home runs. He hit for all those years. This never struck out one hundred times. Then there's total basis crushes. Everyone who ever played in total bases six thousand eight hundred and fifty. Six total bases isn't just a record. It's seven hundred. Twenty two more than stan. Musial was the next closest player in history. If stan musial had hit another one hundred and eighty home runs. He still wouldn't catch i karen and total basis. That's a lot of total basis. That's incredible hitter hank. Aaron was for two decades. So is it possible to be one of the greatest players who ever lived and still the underrated. After looking over hank aaron's numbers. I think it is my name. Is david o'brien cover the braves for the athletic. And there's only two guys that i've ever felt this aura around them and that was mohammed ali and hank. Aaron and hank aaron. How's interviewed him. The first time at spring training. I remember approaching him and it was just You know i've done this for thirty years. And it was feeling. I've had unlike any other athlete that i've ever approached but then he immediately just he smiled and was so warm that that fear or intimidation just as melted away. And you could not believe that you were talking to this. Superstar is genuine icon living in atlanta for twenty years You can't overstate the importance of hank. Air to this city and this region the south. I grew up in the south and hank aaron being a black man being the greatest one of one of the two or three greatest players of all time and to do what he did in the south and then living in atlanta and seeing hank aaron you know mementos anchor and tributes and see his name on buildings and streets and that kind of thing. I would argue that. There is no athlete. That is more important to a city than hanker and wants to atlanta. He was such a huge part of how the culture of the south has changed. I mean this is a city where you feel fide of being so much black acceptance here. Thanks a huge huge part of that. He helped pave the way for all these other black athletes and entertainers wanna come here to be here. Brian jordan know it was an all star with atlanta. Bryant said that The reason that he chose atlanta was hank. Aaron and was a boy idle here. He said a black kid growing up playing baseball hank. Aaron was the guy but it was an opportunity for me to meet my hair. The hope the opportunity is given so many kids today. Amazing dominique wilkins. Said hank was a big reason. That he came here was one of the first people. It's probably one of the most instrumental guys into getting me here in atlanta. But one for god like hank. I wouldn't been here. Was hanker went to ted turner and said hey you need to get this kid by any means necessary. He said people should give the roses while they're alive and that he's glad to see him getting them now but he said hank should have been put on a pedestal decades ago and he was right What are the things that i remember him saying is that you gotta set example for people to come at you. And how do you do that. You do the right way you doing about being Have miltie you do it by just doing the right thing and the right thing a lot of times. It's hard and a lot of guys. Young guys don't know how to do the right thing. As far as how they present themselves to people and how they get back to people so to give back experts that i've learned over the years has become from erin trampling. We don't see that much of that anymore today. And he lived in the same house that he bought when he came here in. Nineteen sixty six from the

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