How to Leverage Amazon to Grow Your Business in 2021


During the pandemic the use of amazon sword but so has small business owners selling their products on amazon. Here talk about how they can help. Your small business is carry kucic. Who is the of small business empowerment amazon. The small business powered team is focused on driving. The success of amazon's small business partners and works with teams across amazon deliver programs. Investments that support their growth carries a graduate of the university of florida's levin college of law where she earned a juris doctorate degree shows holds in history of english from covenant. College carry welcome to the show. Thank you so much for having me very so i could ask you. How did you end up being a lawyer from studying history and english extensive amounts of reading and writing. The really is i. You know when. I was In actually in high school had an opportunity to participate in a youth leadership program That included a track on the judicial system. And i just kinda got hooked on on everything that was involved in of course. Reading and writing is a big part to sorta leaned into those superpowers. I guess so. How did you pass from being a j. d. lead you to amazon and out small business owners. The phone question I do. I've today describe myself as a recovering lawyer. A my favorite time. Yes you know the thing that was fun for me about practicing law was you. You get to spend all day identifying issues in solving problems and so i really From day one enjoyed solving ambiguous problems. Where you had to figure out the root cause of whatever issue or opportunity was in front of you and then inventor way to the solution and so that took me from practicing law Up through a variety of roles on the business side where i've gotten to solve increasingly problems. focused on solving challenges For usually for others which leads to my my role today which is very good to spend all day everyday focused on helping solve issues challenges and make the world a better place for small businesses. I think a lot of people carry don't realize how many small businesses actually work through the amazon channel. Tell us about that So amazon in the us alone on amazon works with more than two million independent partners. They come in all shapes and sizes celena stores. They operate delivery service businesses. They use tools trim. Aws a build alexa skills. They published books with kindle direct publishing so amazon supporting small medium. Sized businesses is a fundamental part of our work there. It's a core part of what we do everyday. An extension of our customer centric culture. Our success depends on their success and our global head. Carrie i was gonna say in our in our store worldwide. We have over a million independent businesses selling in the account for over half of all products sold. And we've seen their sales continue to outpace our retail so we know that customers value them in this election they bring in an incredible way. The amazing statistic that over half of everything purchased on amazon is sold through independent third parties. Small medium sized businesses. That it's not really amazon. Really is the amazon marketplace right absolutely. Yeah the outlive sewing partners. The independent businesses bring those products role and bringing such a wonderful and diverse array of products across all categories. That customers enjoy now. Even i know most of us were surprised by covid. Nineteen who would know that once in every one hundred years right what happen last year but was my biggest surprise is that when ordered some from amazon. It couldn't get here in two days. I thought would never ever happen. Carry tell us about the challenges. They're really amazon. Face in the small business partners did during the height of the covid nineteen crisis absolutely right kobe. Nineteen created many challenges for small businesses. We you know despite it. We were encouraged to see that sense and through that time. Small companies have continued to grow with amazon. You know twenty twenty the number of us long medium sized businesses that surpassed one million dollars sales grew by more than twenty percents and more than thirty seven hundred surpassed him in sales for the first time. Which is just a really great business milestone for any prisoners owner. I'm those businesses have created an estimated one point one million jobs which is phenomenal. It's such an important part. Is you know what keeps our communities going and so we've seen as customers of increasingly shopping online on the past year. The businesses were using e commerce. House channel have continued to sustain grow. I'm in our commitment to supporting them. And adopting for the future has has never been more steadfast done a number of things both continuing work. We've been doing for years and new things. We did in twenty twenty to continue supporting them through that journey. And i think that's really the key role. The amazon plays a lot of companies have got into e commerce for the first time during covid nineteen and like all right. I'm gonna go set up a store. But they no incomes and i think that is really the key of getting involved in the amazon marketplace. Because you already have so many people looking for products right there absolutely One of my favorite stories. I think one of my favorite projects from twenty twenty was last year redesigned prime date support small businesses and we committed more than one hundred million dollars to help their growth over the shopping event through the holiday season and that included holding our biggest small business promotion. Yeah so during that promotion customers. Purchase dollars and products from participating. Small business selling on amazon. Ten dollars credit to spend on prime day. It's on a two week. Lead up to prime day. Small businesses included in that promotion generated more than nine hundred million dollars. In sales on prime day independent third party sellers had their two biggest as ever surpassing three and a half billion in sales which is nearly sixty percent year over year increase and even more growth than our retail business and then it also came with stories like the story of lia foods actually a seller based north aurora forty minutes outside of chicago and she makes african inspired spices but The fun part about her story. It demonstrates the power of selling on amazon and an event like prime day to find those new customers over to help those new customers find you. She shared that coming out of advent not only has she almost doubled her single day sales but her daily started trending upwards with all that new customer acquisition those stories. We really enjoy seeing so those who've never really men sold their price to amazon. What kind of rain moments are there. And what is it in a cost to market on amazon. Yes so our public schedule. So if you if any seller or someone considering becoming a feller looks online at those public public information fees range from eight to fifteen percent depending on product type and for business selling amazon. Really do that as a marketing cost because of the access to that three hundred million customers that it creates and then beyond the monthly in referral fees. everything's optional so sellers choose. What's right for their business. We offer as i mentioned a variety of services in programs than in its pick. What's right for you right so if you want to lean into advertising their options for you could choose what suits for your business if you want to move away from fulfilling your on products create more bandwidth for yourself to do other things there options to leverage by amazon into leverage the customer service support that comes without. So it's it's very much a choose your own adventure but each business owner can select the right fit for them and what fits their

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