Biden plans to nominate Michael Regan as EPA chief


On his pledge, his team also announced several New key appointments this week. Who might be influential in getting us there. I'm speaking about yesterday, New Mexico representative Deb Holland was picked for interior. She's both the first native American tap for the job and a big opponent of oil drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. Good news for the climate goals, right? Yeah, you know, as they say in D. C. The personnel is policy and yes, representative Debbie Holland. A member of the Laguna Pueblo has a track record of opposing, you know, mining and drilling on public lands. You know, the Interior Department is kind of overlooked as an environmental agency. But it has jurisdiction over 20% of land in the U. S. And those lands produce about 1/5 of the country's greenhouse gas emissions. There's a lot of mining and drilling, but she has a track record of opposing a lot of that and supporting Native American rights. And so it's very likely that that will be something that will shake out in the future if she takes over this department. Plus we have the other picks this week of Michael Regan for EPA and Gina McCarthy. Yeah, that's right. Michael Regan is the head of North Carolina's Department of Environmental Quality, and Gina McCarthy herself was the former head of the EPA, and she was brought on board to be a climate adviser and former Michigan governor, Jennifer Granholm was also selected to lead the Department of Energy. That's really interesting picks one last story close to my heart

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