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There will ever be just two words that come to this. Author's mind the morning off to any good party shock and denial all right. There's a new hit show about the marriage market among gossiping promenading exclusive view around the eighteen. Yes i'm talking about. Shonda lands latest blessing upon us. Richardson the glittering fantasies set in regency england. That checks all the boxes. i'm gabrielle collins. And i live for the art effect that is i'm a period drama for reek. Like you. I was thinking to myself. Thank you bridge. Ten cast and crew for prancing all over the intersection of history and fantasy. I also wondered. How many sets did these people build. Well i'm taking you inside the fullness of life behind the scenes the shows brilliant creators giving us in all access peak. Okay this is between you. And me john doe say it. Let's say think of me as your curious guide to the world bridgeton. And i'm bringing along my highly esteemed co hosts researcher annabel hood season one writer just brown now and historian and dr hannah greg. Together we're scotch really new through conversations about the wigs and costumes. Daphne is the only one that her costume design really about the elegance of simplicity. The production design. We went old school and we got to seaney artists who painted the backings forest by hand the glorious grandiloquence of tall i swoon. Can you imagine when he looks into your eyes and then he did sue. I can say the words. I want to say quite. Frankly larry's mishaps rome behind the scenes and it won't just head sort of ripping sound and jonathan went yup. I think there's just been awarded malfunction. No mercy for those trousers and we're also going to talk to some of the incredibly talented cast like the actress who brings cain toting boss. Lady dan very to life adua. And oh i shop and buy whipped my wardrobe. My i and i made myself the most terrifying creature in any room. I into we'll even here from the book series author julia quinn. These dukes are all like in their late twenties early thirties. Almost oliver and mary freely good-looking and none of us join us here. How shonda land reimagined regency romance in the way. Only shanta callebs. Could they have told us what it truly like. Would we get in advanced on season. One of bridgeton ashanti land production in partnership with net flicks is available now while you wait for season to fall in love all over again with britain. The official podcast available february. Eighteenth on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your favorite

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