Buying a TV? Avoid these purchases

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If you had to focus on one or two basic tips on what not to buy when it comes to be. What would you pick. So i and i might get some pushback for this is i. Don't think it's the right time to buy. Eight k ak does look great especially if you're going to invest eighty plus inch television if you've got the budget but i still think it's kind of early so not only is it more expensive and not only is there. Not a lotta eight. K content out there to justify the investment even though it can upscale hd or four k to near eighty k quality. I don't think you need to do this yet. You're you'll hear from the sales person at the big box store while you're future proofing your investment the issue is this if you bought a four k tv when it first came out you missed out on some other technologies that were arguably more important than resolution like hdr ten plus or dolby vision. You know high dynamic range stuff that increases the brightness and contrast in color of those television so it's not just about resolution and if you buy an eight k now in a few years from now when the prices drop for ak you may be missing out. So i'm going to say. Take a pass on on eight k. Tv's right now. Even though there are a few available and then with four k. That's kind of a no brainer that there's a lot of four k. content outright now however if you're going to be buying a smallish. Tv like forty inches forty two inches. There's probably no need to buy four k. Because your eyes won't be able to really tell the difference between a ten eighty p picture and a four k picture on a small tv because a pixel density right. Unless the only caveat is that if you're sitting close to the tv then you'll notice a difference but if you're buying tv maybe for a spare room or you know again. It's like a dorm room or something where it's not a huge investment. You're not a major you know Home theater enthusiasts. If you're getting a forty audience tv. I don't think you need to go. Four k you could probably save a couple of bucks stick with hd. Because unless you're super close you're not gonna be able to tell the difference but you will you mentioned for k. I if you're shopping and you see tv like an is a four k. There's no reason not to get it right. Because i know a lot of places aren't even stock and regular hd anymore. Yeah for sure. If it's fifty fifty five inches in and above four k is absolutely time to buy a four k tv. You're right it may be harder to find like a ten eighty p. Hdtv color televisions. And sometimes i've noticed And this is both online and retail. You may be paying a lot more for a four k small. tv for whatever reason something to do. Maybe with the way it's manufactured but you're is really won't be able to tell the difference unless you're super close one trap that i fallen into and i don't want our listeners to fall into its when it comes to buying. Hdmi cables because you see some of the cables and they promise certain things but they also costs a little bit more. What should our listeners know about what to buy when it comes to. Hdmi cables in all the years. That i've been comparing hd my cables and it's been a number of them. I have not seen or heard the difference between a cable from my local dollar store and pricier cables. I'll be honest with you. Like just spend the bucker two and see if that does the trick. It's usually limited to four or five feet so if you need a longer cable or one with thicker shielding to reduce electron interference from say then fine. You will pay more but you really could get away with an entry level. Hdmi cable it should be able to handle four k three d. If you're still doing that and be long enough for what you need at the very least if it doesn't do the trick you're only out a dollar to so i'd say go with your local dollar store for an hd and my cable you'd be surprised that know how comparable that quality is to the more expensive one so that the brand names will cost more than the no names. But i have yet to. You know and i've also spoken. Ah real experts here audio files included. And they they really can't tell the difference either

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