Australia will lift weekly caps on international arrivals in an effort to get stranded citizens home


Be back but first. Let's begin with a roundup of the latest airline and frequent flyer news from the past fortnight and fiscally moist ustralian states will restore their international arrival caps to pre-january levels from monday. The fifteenth of february following a decision at yesterday's national cabinet meeting but western australia will retain its reduced arrival cap of just five hundred twelve passengers per week until further notice as perf emerged yesterday from its five day. Covid nineteen lockdown from the fifteenth of february new south. Wales will again double number of passengers at takes per week to just over three thousand queensland will restore its capacity from five hundred to a thousand a week and victoria will increase slightly as well as the stralia. The increase in rival caps is welcome news of course for the many trillion. Still desperately trying to return home from overseas but even with lost months capacity increase out the howard springs facility near darwin. The new arrival caps as of february are still below the old caps that were in place before January when the government temporarily half those caps in in many of the states prior to lost month's reduction australia had the capacity to accept around six thousand nine hundred weekly arrivals overseas including three the howard springs facility. The number right now is about four thousand five hundred fifty per week and this will increase from the fifteenth of february to around six thousand. Eight hundred weekly arrivals which is still just below what it was a ago. The government recently said that around thirty six thousand trillions currently registered with dave fat as being stuck overseas and this number has been repeated many times in the media as representing the number of australians. Trying to return but the tree number is likely far haya as many of the papal trying to come to his trail. You have not registered with fat qantas will wet lease up to fourteen embraer. One hundred ninety regional jets from alliance airlines for the next three years qantas plans to take delivery of. Its first three least jets in june this year for use on routes between adelaide. Alice springs and darwin the jets will be crewed by alliance airlines pilots and flight attendants but flights will be marketed by qantas in have accused flight. Number corner says that the nineties which have ten business class seats and four economy seats are the right size for flights between some of australia's regional centers and smaller capital cities. Lie ellen routes like alice springs to adelaide while also offering a great range. Then qantas links. Boeing seven one seven. The nineties can fly for up to five hours. Singapore airlines full service regional subsidiary silkair has been merged into the singapore airlines brand. Singapore airlines will gradually take over service on suk's existing routes starting with flights between singapore and pikit from the fourth of march. Nine of silk as boeing seven three seven eight hundred will eventually be transferred to the parent company and although the merger has been finalized at the moment with many of the airlines. Flights grounded covid nineteen. This was already planned a well before the pandemic began soak it has been a full service. Regional airline since it began operations in nineteen ninety-two but it had been viewed by some as the poor cousin of singapore airlines singapore airlines is now addressing some of these concerns by reupholstering. The seats on its silkair planes. It will also introduce a singapore airlines dining experience on regional flights including book the cook in business clause and on routes over five hours saute skew is fascinating business clause including on routes like hands to singapore which was previously so k. Route these seven three seven flights will also now be stopped by singapore airlines trained cabin crew wearing these singapore airlines uniform. And chris whoa in-flight entertainment will be available to stream on passengers. I devices these flights will also now be part of the star alliance which is great news for frequent flyers with star alliance partner airlines. He previously got no benefits when they were put onto a silkair flight. Although there's no change velocity members because velocity already made a upon of both silkair and singapore airlines qatar airways emirates and cathay pacific are among the latest group of airlines to provide a second year of t. Status extensions to their frequent flyers. Almost every airline gave as you probably know. Twelve months status extension to top team embassy in two thousand and twenty g to the covid nineteen pandemic and the associated travel restrictions which made it difficult for people to retain this status otherwise. But it's now quite clear that the travel restrictions and get lost in some form for longer than one year and so many airlines on out. Granting a second year of status extensions all existing silver gold and

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