San Diego's Petco Park COVID-19 vaccination super site closing again through Tuesday


Vaccine, governor, Newsome says. In addition to the Fizer and Madonna vaccines, the state should be getting nearly 400,000 doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine each week moving forward. The only constraint now is supply. We are administering more vaccines now. Formally then we are receiving from the federal government. It's not an indictment. It's all now about manufactured supply. It's the only constraint in terms of our capacity to do more and better. The governor says the state is hoping to eventually get to four million doses a week later this year. Now, the county announced thousands more Fizer vaccine doses arrived in San Diego, but there is a shortage of the Madonna vaccine. So U C San Diego says PETCO Parks vaccination Super Station will be closed tomorrow through at least Tuesday. Other super stations are open, though, along with smaller sites this weekend, teachers are among those who could be vaccinated starting this weekend. Ah high school teacher and Sacramento is under investigation after using an

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