Escape from Warsaws Ghetto: Memories of a Child Witness

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Halina wallow and her parents. I've safely on the shores of south america in nineteen forty eight as jewish refugees from their native poland. The month long voyage by boat from italy's port of genoa was but one stretch of a lengthy journey from surviving. The warsaw ghetto to eventual immigration to peru just a toddler when the nazis stormed her. Family's confining living quarters in the warsaw ghetto halina says the smell of fabric left lingering reminder of the lifesaving moment. Her grandfather hid her between textile goods as women and children were piled into german trucks and taken to death camps following her grandparents deportation. Her father organized a successful escape from the ghetto. One of many times their fate would be defined in an instant speaking to us from her home in capital city. Lima halina explains how her family's escape from persecution. To safety was helped by demonstrations of humanity by the unsung heroes of the holocaust non-jewish europeans and other rescuers who risk their lives to protect juice eighty four years. Old halina says fulfilling. Her purpose of survivor means telling her story. This interview was conducted in spanish and has been translated seeing but saw via. I was born in warsaw poland in the year. Nineteen thirty six. My full name is kalina stein and then all once. I was mary it. If you could briefly describe your first years in poland. What was your childhood. Like your comment you. Well i practically didn't have a childhood. Unfortunately because we was for years old the second world war started the nicest took my parents apartment. Ally grandparents bernie. I'm buddha's in the. Because i was on. I was four or five years. What i can tell you is what my pardons told me on allie. He's have eat the ones who saved my life winds. There was a moment when your grandfather hid you correct. Could you tell us about that moment. They won't sign us. My grandfather produced jackets and coats beginning several years before arriving to the ghetto. And that's had a lot of five hundred in addict so the day. The nasty came in their tracks. You realize day came to take all the world bank and children that will work with sewing machines so my grandfather grabbed me shall between the fabric material. Seen these were how he saved me so the german square taken these life. Mama one do you remember. You felt in that moment. Lord i remember by this mellow no. That is most often make us remember. Even now at age eighty four and just short eighty four. Every time i go into a fiery shop. I remembered the mommy it's part of my life say i will never forget. Of course life in the ghetto was very hard. They had asked without food without medicine and they were know how to work for a very very har life in nineteen forty two businesses. Took my grandparents on my uncle rev linka after the after my father decided to organize escape from the ghetto. And we did so. He taught us to pray. The lord's prayer in portage is big perfect polish until today. We keeping to deny as christians. Luckily my father had a lot of non june's france in the area and part of our so. He arranged to have each of fast leaving in three seventy one jewish homes while for my mom. Another for my father another for me. I was taking get off by a friend of my father's a good woman who told me read that right. I was with her until nineteen forty five when the war ended in neon depose. Where order to tourney eighty jew. There was so my party squid and visit me much. They bissett me the one able to mind. This is how we save ourselves.

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