The LCK led all esports leagues in 2020 with 136.6 million hours watched


Here. This was an article from dadi. Sports the headline was the l. C. k led all sports leagues in two thousand twenty with one hundred thirty six point. Six million hours watched The sub-headline korea has always excited global fans with its star studded league of legends squads I mean the numbers are are huge. I mean this. This particular graph for those who've you're listening to the podcast. I'm showing a grafter. The most watched e sports tournaments in twenty twenty the top four are all league of legends. World's twenty twenty then spring than elsie case summer than lic summer and then number. Five you know is is Pudgy mobile Tournament but basically the top four out of the five most watched sports tournaments and twenty twenty. Were all league of legends and korea's elsie k. If you combine the numbers here 'cause they had spots two and three Had by far the most number of hours watched one hundred and thirty six million hours watched. Are you surprised. William at this at this sort of Ranking year these numbers at riot right seems to be killing it on all fronts at the moment right is just rockstar. You you'd almost be hard pressed to sail. Riot is ease sports. Play reading yours. The numbers you know. It's pretty tough if you're if you're out the top four slots being your property in a different form you know. It's pretty incredible You know. I actually to be honest with you. Went did surprise me. It didn't didn't right like it did. Surprise me in the sense that i think there's so much focus on north american sports right now right and to a lesser extent like european sports but still significant extent and i think there is a real sense that ea sports his matured beyond korea right like like the global market like it just like career where it started but like it's a global phenomenon now and as a result of that like the global markets are taking over. You know what i mean like. Just by virtue of korea's A smaller market relative to other countries in populations things like other markets was naturally outgrow. Any what you're seeing. Here is the anchor. The korean sports steelers for our ecosystem.

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