What's the deal with Framing Britney Spears on HBO?


Framing britney. This documentary had everyone above this weekend. I watched it last night. Kind of inbetween. Basically i'll be honest. I started watching it after the halftime show During the superbowl. 'cause i didn't really care at us home with my family and i wasn't like at a party or betting or anything but i'll get super bowl too but first of all Of course we've all heard about free brittany. Which has been this movement that her fans kinda started. There's been you know articles podcast and everybody talking about it. Of course. I follow her along with twenty seven other million people on instagram. And it's been weird. It's been weird watching her this last year. You gotta watch it. It's on lure fx. But it's just really they kind of just go through her whole career with in two hours which could have been. You know an eight part series. I think and we all remember when she came up. It was the mickey mouse club. And then all of a sudden she was really sexy. I remember when Shawn and marlon wayans were hosting the mtv awards and she came out and she did her sexy that goes with the snake and their joke which they came off came up with on the spot which is a great story is from minnie mouse club to the strip club and it was one of the funniest lines ever but now in watching that you're like wow you know this. This girl was suffering We made her suffer because we did jokes like this. We are obsessed with her sexuality. Diane sawyer was you look back at that interview which they featured and really putting her in the hot seat you know. Jay leno Doing jokes about her. We did jokes better. When chelsea lately started we. It was a great time for late night. Television also. Because right around that time the writers guild strike happened and we weren't writers guild so we were the only Late night show that got to stay on air. Every day was britney spears story. And it i. It just seemed like she was going. You know kinda fun crazy like she disliked to gas stations a lot and walk around barefoot and the paparazzi. Were there at the time. Because at that time there was no instagram. And that is how paparazzi and magazines made money is to get the shots of brittany. Brittany was the highest paid celebrity photos and then of course she married Kevin federal line but it was all just email. I just remember being doing chelsea lately and there was talk. We'll her kids taken away. And i remember sitting there going. There's no way she's going to lose custody of her kids. Come on i mean very few mothers do and she's she's going through a little struggling time but it's mostly because these paparazzi's are falling everywhere. Well you guys probably know this then. The dad got a conservative ship. And a lot of people after watching this special. This documentary said where was the mom. Why wouldn't the mom because parents divorced at that time. Try to get the conservative ship. Jamie her father was in and out of jobs Former drug addict. I believe maybe not drug out excessively alchoholic and So why would he be the person in charge. The thing is is. I think he was the first one to go to lawyers and try to get this into the works. And she was in a fifty one fifty at a mental institution when all this paperwork was done and the judge signed it. And now it's been you know fifteen years or something that this has been going on for and right away after this was done she started doing sitcoms again. Of course shortly after that she got her residency and she was making three hundred and fifty thousand dollars a night doing that show and then she left planet hollywood. And she now she's gonna do another huge residency at this new stage that they built her at the mgm and they do this big livestream thing and she comes up and then she just like and walks off talking to talk to reporters. She's not going to say anything. She's not going to do a song and shortly after that. She did it announcement saying my father is sick. And i'm not going to be performing. I'm going to put this residency off and that was really bizarre. People like is he sick. And i really don't know what the now looking back. I'm like i really don't know if he was sick of that was just her way out because now it looks like she in fact knew that the only way to get out of this conservatorship get her freedom back from her father was to stop working and stop making money and i. I would love to see what happened the day she was like you know what what the hell am i doing. Aren't going to sign up for another two or three year contract with them performing every night making all this money which. I don't get to choose how i want to spend the money. I don't get to get in the car and drive. I don't get to make a reservation and stay in hawaii on a whim without checking with twelve other people. Screw this you know. And she goes to her place in malibu during covert or wherever she is. Jesus been doing these weird instagram posts. Where her voice has changed. It's not the same voice. You're seeing these interviews on the documentary. And she's like ok guys. I've heard that a lot of been wondering what i'm going to do for the new year one. I'm gonna try to finish a pilates class to. I'm gonna try to meditate three. I'm going to try to eat better. And for i'm going to try that ice cream diet. And when she's doing it she's like it. Looks like she's definitely reading it whether it's a cue card but somebody else's there and the fact that she said i heard you guys not having reading your comments and one thing in the new year you guys asked me was Of course photos are weird. The makeup soy's like various mudgee. She's always wearing these crop tops. Sometimes she's dancing and you know i just really hope that I hope the mother gets involved. I hope that that the judge is able to watch this. Because i think when the judge granted this he was watching all the crazy news everyday. Let's just like the rest of us and this weird sam. Lufti was after an eye at the time. I was four the conservative ship. I'm like gosh. I don't want other people to take advantage of it this way. You know the data's there the other people are there to make sure that she stays healthy. No weirdos get around her. She's able to have visitation with her boys. But now after all these years it does seem really wrong and I think that this is going to be the catalyst to make whatever judges involved to open his eyes and maybe reconsider This conservative ship for

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