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Our focus and the president's focuses on putting people back to work getting the pandemic under control, and that means we're not going to weigh in on every question about the impeachment trial. Asked if the president believes the trial is constitutional sake pointed to the president's earlier statement that the impeachment process should proceed. Red Clugston Washington rather to Biden says there's an urgency for Congress to approve covered economic relief. American people hurt a lot of people are real real trouble. People going to bed at night, staring at the ceiling, wondering where they're gonna be in that apartment the next day, be addicted, or they're gonna keep the mortgage. Coming up. We're gonna have any health insurance. The president says he and Democrats are moving toward a bold relief package. White House Cogan 19 response coordinator jab, Zion says manufacturers have ramped up their vaccine supply over the past three weeks. Weekly delivery was 8.6 million doses. Today We're announcing that we weigh will increase weekly vaccine doses going to states, tribes and territories to 11 Million. So that is a total of 28% increase in vaccine supply. Science says community health centers will began directly receiving vaccine supplies. Senate Judiciary Committee has set a confirmation hearing for America Garland, President Biden's pick for attorney General Gardens confirmation hearing will begin on February 22nd. What experts say North Korea has modernized its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile arsenals by flaunting United Nations sanctions using cyberattacks to help finance its arsenal. Battle said North Korea reportedly stole 316 Million and virtual assets from 2019 to 2020. This is town hall dot com.

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