Forget About B2B & B2C...It's All About H2H (Human to Human)



Martin. Lindstrom's new book. The ministry of common has just been released at. I've only just got to the introduction and already of got this fantastic concept and quote to take away which is the idea of b. to b. and b. two c. pretty much being relevant because at the end of the day it's all about human to human h- h h. I'm really looking forward to getting into this book. I haven't yet as i said. I've just got to the introduction. And already i've got something to share with you so my guess is over the coming weeks. They'll probably be a few more little insights to share now. If you don't know who martin lindstrom is. He is a brand guru. Been around for a long time. Done some fantastic work. Got some fantastic books. A couple of which i've spoken to you about the four. And i was actually lucky enough a while back now to interview and i think i've got an eight part series on that interview now. I haven't done video the audio at this stage. But i do have the video so get them up eventually but i will put a link to episode four hundred and seventy three. That's how long ago was of the audio content. At least so that you can listen to that content and get started on the wrist of the series as well thinks eight sessions altogether. We did so go. And check out the ministry of common saints. I'll put a link to that in the comments below along with a link to that first interview. I did with martin and remember. It's all about h- h h human to human already. That is

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