Quarterbacks in my lifetime that you could say that about A guy who is playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today.


Touchdown. Kansas City just like they started Super Bowl 54 with no homes. On an option run. They start to 2020 21 playoffs with an option run to the same part of the field. Mahomes, his fourth Career playoff rushing touchdown, just got out of the protocol the week it has been a bunch of testing a bunch of different things to make sure that that I'm I'm good to go, and there's no lingering affection, a thing like that. But everything's been good, and I went through it all the 34 different doctors have said on everything looks well and I'm out of it now. So that's my homes, and he is set to start and play today, which is obviously everything for the Kansas City Chiefs that was the voice of the chief's Mitch. Whole Tous on Chiefs radio with your play by play call. Homes allows you to dream He allows you to dream about big, big things, and you're not crazy for doing so he allows you to coach differently as we've seen from Andy Reid. He allows you to play differently. He allows you to be down like 24 points in a playoff game and feel like you know what? We're still in this. Not only are we in this, but we will still blow out the opponent down 24 early, which happened last year against the Houston Texans. The homes. You could be down by 10 point to the fourth quarter. And you just have this very calm confidence. Don't worry. We got this. And to me, there's only two other maybe three other quarterbacks in my lifetime that you could say that about A guy who is playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today. Tom Brady, no matter how much time was left on the clock, you just felt as though Brady's got time. I remember feeling that way in the Super Bowl against the Falcons, 28 to 3. So there is plenty of time here left for Tom Brady. This thing is not over. I'd seen it done too many times before. Joe Montana as well. You just knew that if Montana Montana got the football back, and he had a chance to tie or win he was going to do with it. It was a shock if he didn't And I'll also throw John Elway in there. And the only reason that have a caveat about Elway is that while he finishes off its career with two Super Bowl championships, he was the king of the comeback. However, the three Super Bowls You just got blitzed and driven into the ground, and so You felt as though there was only up to a point where you could trust John Elway. Like Mahomes is in that category. Where you just don't expect it late

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