With rain and snow in the winter Storm watch in effect for the mountains.


Forecast is coming up a big 15 currently 45 degrees in San Fernando 43 in Beverly Hills, 45 ermine and eight old seven. The first of three winter storms is moving through Southern California this weekend, bringing cool temperatures in the valleys and mountains Last night, Snow shut down the Angelus forced highway well. Hail fell in Long beach. In the meantime, people who live near the wildfire Bernier is your open grain doesn't flood their neighborhoods with mud and debris. CBS to Talkto One woman who lives here. The Bobcat Fire Burns car were concerned because of the burn area because the fire came so close. Here on the ridges on guy know that they put up K rails right here at the top First Street, so we are concerned if there's going to be any debris flow. I mean, that would be the biggest huge concern. Forecasters predict the most rainfall. It's gonna happen Wednesday through Friday, with plenty of snow on the mountains and winter storm watches in effect through Monday night. L.

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