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Story line is people's blood thins. You know Brady's not used to it. I mean, these are professional players. How much will the weather play in? I think more the field condition than the actual weather. But how much is this going to play against the bucks? Yeah, the light snow falling right now, But I believe that should be done by the time kickoff rolls around two o'clock, so I don't think the snow is going to be factored. It's gonna be a little bit sillier than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are used to. You know, you're coming from Tony Campbell, Florida and 70 degrees up to Green Bay and will be 25 27 degrees and probably one of movement, But yeah, yeah. I mean, I think that they'll be they'll be used to it. Yeah, I think that the slips Perf of Lambeau Field is certainly going to play in a factor. So that's something where

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