New strains of COVID swiftly moving through the US need careful watch, scientists say


McCormick. It's the worst possible news for health experts that new covert variant is more dangerous than first thought. Here's correspondent Jennifer Keiper health officials are worried some of the new Corona virus variants that are spreading across the U. S, or not only more contagious but could make the current vaccines less effective. CBS is Dr Jon Lapook. He's new variants make it even more important for us to get as many people vaccinated. As quickly as possible to mention I'm just picked up pace so we can get this pandemic under control. Before these variants spread even further and become more of a problem. The CDC says masks should have at least two layers of fabric. The vaccine shortages are leaving many Americans wondering if their first shot will be effective Appointments for the second shot or hard to find. Gail Esposito lives in Georgia. I certainly would so a lot less stress. If I had a real date, the state's top health official, Kathleen to me, If you've gotten your vaccines by going to a health department, you will be able to get your second does. The CDC now says you could wait six weeks if necessary. Surgeon general nominee the vague Northeast, why should be steadily increasing and what I'm concerned about in particular, is making sure that we have enough distribution channel set up whether those air community vaccination centers, pharmacy chains that are ready to roll whether they're mobile units. They get the vaccine to hard to reach places. President Biden wants lawmakers to approve his covert proposals to help struggling Americans. American rescue plan would lift 12 Million Americans out of poverty and cut child poverty in half First lady Jill Biden toward a health center in Washington yesterday where she was told cancer patients aren't coming in for screenings because of the pandemic, she said. More needs to be done to improve broadband service. To increase telemedicine options. Chazz Pierce at Nashville's Memorial Hospital says a lot of their patients are setting up online doctor visits for Kevin 19 memorial actually had zero telemedicine visits. What's you know, covered? Get ramped up really sometime around April is when our telemedicine program really started taking off. Dr Rebecca Rose. Great telemedicine is here to stay. It's not going anywhere. The younger generation comes up, and there's more and more tech savvy I saving more more part of medicine with the latest on the impeachment process. Now, here's correspondent Tom Foti, former President Trump's second impeachment trial will start in the Senate on the eighth of February. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. I've spoken to Speaker Pelosi, who informed me that the articles will be delivered to the Senate on Monday, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell asked for the delay to give the former president time to prepare his case. Stocks finished the week mixed. This is CBS News.

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