A highlight from #C43 (cantal to cantharis)

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Hello words welcome to the dictionary. Okay so let's just quickly say some things that are happening today around the world in the. Us there are no major holidays or observances. There should be something though isn't every day something like national peanut butter day. Why isn't there anything on this day. Maybe i'm looking at the wrong website but in russia it is. This is fun. It is bloody sunday in ukraine. It is ukrainian unity day. So all of you re ukrainians get together and listen to this podcast. All together at once in bolivia. It is multicultural state day. So some good things to celebrate. Maybe not so sure about bloody sunday. I don't know the details of that one. Okay let's talk about some words. The first one is contol c. a. n. t. a. l. noun from eighteen. Ninety a hard cheddar type cheese made in the south of france. It is hard and it is cheddar type. This is from which is a mountain massif mountain massif and department in alvan france so there is a an area in ovarian france called kantale. And that's where they make this cheese contol next we have come tala. We just added an age that the last one noun from nine hundred eleven a hard fiber produced from the leaves of an a. And the scientific name is a gubbay catala. Let's see this is a is a specific epithet of gaba catala perhaps from the sanskrit catala with a k. Which means bob will be a. b. u. l. also from konta with a k. Which means thorn. I'm assuming that was also sanskrit. So yes i think a gubbay plants might have thorns on them. So maybe that's where some connection came from not entirely sure but Yeah that's a catala next is cantaloupe cantaloupe cantaloupe. You can spell it with an e or no e- whatever you like This is a noun from seventeen thirty nine one a small widely cultivated. Musk melon with a heavily netted rind and reddish orange. Oh excuse me. I had a burp and a netted rind and reddish orange flesh. Broadly we have the a definition for the word musk melon. The scientific name is kuku mellow radikal. Rettig who lattice rescue lattice koukoumas mellow rettig lattice I like cantaloupe. okay. I have memories We had a melon baler. When i was a kid. So i have memories of scooping out balls of cantaloupe for whatever reason either to eat or two for thing i don't know It was very satisfying feeling to scoop. Just like a perfect circa perfect sphere other than maybe like a little part a little. You know little section otherwise. You had a perfect sphere. I dunno something very satisfying about that. Okay number two four cantaloupe melon with a rough hard warranty rind. It's got a lot of words on it. That is not usually grown in north america. And the scientific name for this is koumas mellow contel loop pences continental princess and this is from konta konta lupo which is a former papal villa near rome italy. So maybe that's where the first ones were grown and they said we're gonna call it. Come to lupo. Some people can't say that we're gonna say cantaloupe next days can't tinker as cantankerous. This is an adjective from seventeen. Seventy two.

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