A highlight from EP 116 What Do Confident Successful People Do And Avoid Doing?


There are no shortcuts to success except for taking those little steps tortuga portugal every single day. All right so we've spent the better part of this week talking about what's successful people do. And i really wanted to spend the time this week to drive that home. Because successful people have different habits. I think a lot of ways and they have confidence that always goes hand in hand with their success in their life in their business she true. Confidence is very different than that. Burr bernardo that egotistical swagger right to say oh yeah also when people believe in themselves and their abilities without bravado than their things that they do and things simply do not do now some of those things. We've chatted about already. But i'm gonna they bear repeating for at least a brief moment. They don't make excuses there it is. That's one awesome. Trait of confident people in spades. That self efficacy. The believe that they can make things happen right. They don't make excuses and because they don't make excuses. They tend not to quit. Most confident people most successful people yet. They don't give up on their first time when something goes wrong. They don't give up on the tenth time. The fiftieth time when something goes wrong they see problems and failures as obstacles to overcome and feedback gain rather the than these impenetrable barriers these fortresses of solitude that they have to crack into right it keeps them from getting to their success. Not looking at that as opportunities and feedback. They do not wait for permission to act. Oh no no are confident and successful friends out. There do not need someone else to tell them what to do. In wendy do it. They also don't need to tell the someone else out there to tell them that they can do it. They don't waste the time asking questions like can i. Should i now instead. Their self talk is gone. I like why wouldn't i right. It's imperative for me to get this out there. I think you can see these types of this type of confidence in many. Arenas if you've ever been in a meeting when the person that was supposed to be hosting it is late or doesn't show up or you need to go that extra mile to solve a accuster problem right. It doesn't occur to the successful person that they should wait for that chairman to arrive. They start the meeting and say okay. Well we're all here now. Let's get going. Here's what i know we're supposed to be talking about here the actions. I know we're supposed to be taken. Let's move forward. They see what needs to be done and they damn get out there and start doing it and yet at the same time. They're not doing it just to gain attention. i think. Think if you really. I mean you might agree with me on this. I'm gonna. I'm gonna imagine that you are that people overall are turned off by those. Oh my gosh. Those headline seeking attention grabbing desperate people looking for the eyeballs ever worn around him. See a confident person confident. People know that just being yourself is way more effective than trying to prove that. You're important right. I care how important you are. I don't care that you're to ceo of some company. If you're adding value to my life. Hugh could be the doorman for all. I care and that makes you important that you helped me. People catch on quickly to your attitude if you're not aligned was trying to help them if you're not truly empathetic to what it is. They're trying to accomplish right. They'll be attracted to that right attitude. Then what or how many people you know. I've known a number of confidence successful people in so i'm going to use this next phrase confidence or his attention diffusers right so when you come up to me like oh my god this project you did that you lead or that speech you gave was so amazing in your your your slathering with all this attention. They will quickly shift the focus to all the people on their team and those around them. That worked hard to get them to where they are today right. They don't crave that approval or praise because they get their self worth from within and that leads to next one here. They don't need constant praise. I mean think about it. We've we've all known that person or persons that are always like hey do you think is looks good. Hey do you think this you know. They're they're really kind of poking and prodding to get that feedback to hear how great or how amazing here. She is right as economy people. Don't do that it's It's all about that internal locus of control. These confident people. They're out there getting stuff done. They don't need someone else's permission. They don't need someone else's approval so their success is not dependent on someone else's permission or approval. They understand that no matter how way the well they perform. There's always going to be someone out there. That's going to be offering nothing but criticism. Now there's going to be plenty out there. That will offer them praise. But it's really more about the person in the mirror and the praise and the criticism that person has. I guess you could say that bulls onto the difference between confidence and narcissism. Mike confident friends and family. You don't prescott procrastinate. Do you use sometimes simply you know you put off but let's look at it for a quick second. Do people grass in eight look. We'll the obvious one sometimes is because they're laze about right. They much rather sit on the couch. Netflix and chill right okay. That's cool. I but i think a lotta times. It's really because they're afraid they're afraid of chain. They're afraid of failure. The might even a hazard to say it. They might even be afraid of success now z. Our confidence are confident. Friends are successful folk right. They don't put things off right. They got their comeback internal locus control because they believe in themselves and expect that earth their actions are gonna lead them closer to their goals. And if it's not a step forward it's new data it's feedback sales. Sit around for the right time or the perfect circumstances with the right person to give them permission of the right piece of praise to come along or some of the moons to align in a way for any of that they have constant gold light. I think you could say they're sitting there right there. Revenue that engine their pop that cuts down next car. Just takes the hell off and they take off out of the gate because they know that today is the only time that matters and if for some reason they think today might not be the right time and they figure out how to make today the right time. I think one of the amazing things i've found about truly successful truly confident and we're not talking about the ones now. We mentioned that a couple of times but those truly confident folks is they. Don't pass judgement. Nope they may have an opinion. They tend to maybe internalize it. But it's not like throughout their standing on the soapbox going you are bad and you are good and you are okay and us soccer or whatever. They don't pass judgement on others because they tend to believe that everyone has something to offer and they don't need to take other people watch in order to make themselves feel good. See and you've heard me mentioned this right if you're comparing yourself to others you're limiting yourself greatly. The only person you need to compare yourself to is who you were yesterday. And

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