Tom Brokaw says he's retiring from NBC News after 55 years


Hi Mike Rossi a reporting Tom Brokaw says he's retiring from NBC news Tom Brokaw of NBC news says he's retiring from television the eighty year old Brokaw who anchored NBC nightly news from nineteen eighty two to two thousand four says he plans to continue writing books and articles Procol last appeared on air on MSNBC's morning Joe on December thirtieth in two thousand seven Brokaw reflected on his arrival at NBC news after just two years on local TV in the Brzeska arrive in California working for NBC in nineteen fifty six just four years off the Great Plains working class families and small town Brokaw was with NBC news for fifty five years in twenty thirteen roll call was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and curable blood cancer that affects the bone marrow hi Mike Rossio

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