Interview with Kino Klassika season manager Olga Doletskaya


Hi my name's. Allie and this is the fells unite. Podcast where we watched russian films and films with russian connection. This time. we're doing something else bit different. Where watching film instead. I'm here to introduce a conversation. I had with olga let scale who is season manager for keno klesko. Amazing film town. Diversion here in the uk. So without further ado his chat with olga. Hi olga thank you very much for joining me so first of all. Could you tell us a little bit about kanter classics and what the organization does. Hi thank you for having me. Oh you welcome. Basically night is a film foundation and we highlight films from russia. The caucasus central asia said connor the soviet region at and. We've we've done a lot of interesting film seasons and basically since the pandemic happened we can events all kind of real life film screening so alone ching at streaming platform cold classic that starting in february. And so that's kind of hatred Awesome awesome yeah. I'm so. I've been to a couple of keen across ika screenings in london the all around the uk and the lost one that i went to was was literally on the eighth of january lost year. It came up on like I don't know whether it was a instagram. Or like a facebook you know one of the many platforms memories like ho. That was only a it feels like such a long time. Just you know the the pace of Of time at the moment in in kind of like pandemic will is is very different than strange but yet it's an organization. I'm so glad Six because it means that you know people get to were in normal times. Get to see these amazing films on the big screen. So you know and i know lot of people who will russian russian cinema is. I feel myself like people in the uk. Just think it's like. Aw tarkovsky unite. Yeah it's it's like post two. You've got taco ski than the full. That you've got eisenstein and then you know that. Co russian cinema unlike. Maybe if you'll super switched on you've seen some of andre. The against serves films. Spit is there is well tarkovsky. Oh man with a moving camera. And that's gonna right of yes Of course it's important to say that can across ika does not just like postive films that A lot of the films probably the majority even of being stuff from the soviet era which it's just wonderful saying like the breadth of stuff that was produced because it wasn't just talk of skin gonna auty stuff. Yeah yes we do. We've done some restoration work as well on on some lovely films but we do by the classic united the classics from the soviet times. Also try to try to showcase some new stuff simply soviet stuff. Not people normally don't expect from russia.

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