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Order ahead on the Duncan at America runs on Dunkin Participation may very limited time offer Fox News. I'm Karen McCue. Montana is just one of several states that have re called National Guard troops, which had been sent to Washington for inauguration detail. The Montana National Guard didn't awesome job making sure we had a peaceful transfer of power. Back in Washington Governor Greg Jin forte Pictures of troops camped out an underground garages after being kicked out of the Capitol building sparked wides. Red outrage. The petition drive to recall California's Democratic governor Gavin Newsom continues. What's happening as we need to get to 1.5 million signatures to recall Gavin Newsom. By March, 17th were at 1.2 million, and we're gonna make it. Why, Because of the hypocrisy is the hypocrisy of this governor who think about what he's done. He tells us not to go to dinner, but he goes the indoor dinner for a lobbyist and doesn't wear a mask. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Fox America is listening to Fox News hoaxes and other fake news stories. People don't know if the videos that they're watching our real This is uncovering the truth with Dr Maria Ryan and Rudy Giuliani is fake news stories affected the election. Now with Dr Maria Ryan yours, Rudy Giuliani. Well, good morning and happy Sunday. Rudy Giuliani and me, Dr Maria Ryan here,

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