George’s 33 sends Los Angeles Clippers past Lakers 116-109 on ring night

The Free Agents


Paul george. He scored a game high thirty. Three points quieted twenty. Six as the clippers won sixteen one zero nine victory over their bitter rivals. There in la over the lakers are trae guinness started though let's over-react you can either go on the quarter off the court wherever you want. What are you what are you got well. I think it's funny skates how you mentioned the bitter rivals between the lakers and the clippers. Because you know. We've seen now. Since paul george and kawhi. Leonard signed with the clippers. We've now seen three season debut games. Basically right Opening night last night bubble opening and opening night last season and we saw lakers clippers and every single one of them. Now we got letter quite leonard. Hasn't signed yet. Paul george long-term there. Anthony davis long-term laker lebron long-term laker. We're gonna be seeing lakers clippers on for the next five seasons and any restarts. We may be doing but is it. Is it as a rivalry because the lakers unveiled their championship battery last night. But they've got so many of them that they didn't even have to unveil their championship vander. They'll just saying hey. We're going to wait until the fans get here. You know what it's like celebrating championships. But since the fans can be the lakers had to do something very special so it's just one championship celebration

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