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Look forward to working with you in the near future. My guest today is jim. Fanning is a writer and historian and he talks about some of his favourite projects. He's worked on. He also dropped some behind the scenes disney knowledge. Right here on drawn to it. Podcast i've been thinking about this all day. I know you're historian. And you specialize in disney stuff new. Write a lot about disney and the time of year it is. We're coming up on christmas and that type thing. So i thought maybe i would ask you if you might know some stories or facts that have to do with the holiday time that are related to walt disney himself for how he treated his crew or certain productions that Were being worked on that. That people might not know those stories. Walt disney obviously loved christmas. you know it was a big part of his family life for you know for starters so when he had his his daughters and they were little. And i you know diane and sharon He really revelled in playing. Santa claus says they said and As we can imagine we can imagine while disney like that so certainly one of the stories was is that he had This is the house say now. I'm not. I'm not as up on his personal life as a lot of other people seem to be. They know exactly which house either didn't win. The name of it and everything. Yeah seems too much to keep upstairs. I've got a small brain. I've got to be careful about what i let live upstairs. So so i'm gonna remember you know the story of the making of pinocchio other things are gonna go you know. It does really pertain. But at any rate the house that he lived in in the period days so this is the nineteen thirties. That would been would've been when the girls were little and that house has been restored and people have toward it. It's really whoever owns it now. as it set up very much as waltz and willie had it when they lived there while they lived there until i think about nineteen fifty and then they moved to the house where he he installed the backyard railroad right so famous that this is the house before that yeah and their they lived there from from i think even before making mouse So the late twenty s through the late the late forties but at any rate the reason. I emphasize that it. It'll pertain to the story. So he had a A play playhouse put in the backyard for for that was a christmas gift to the girls and almost like a life sized dollhouse and with typical disney touches. That had run. You know running water. The kitchen saint actually worked so he had the he had some guys from the studio. Set that up On christmas eve. And of course on christmas morning He said run out to the yard and see what's there girl. Santa has left something for you so they run out and they were of course just enchanted and the i believe there is a telephone even oh in that lord that was connected to the main house so while they were out there the telephone rang and and of course it was santa claus phone. It's like oh. I just wanted to make sure that you girls enjoy your new play house. Thank you santa. So they were just enchanted so that when they went back to school. Diane was telling a classmate about this. And how wonderful and this was a little boy and he said i'll santa claus. Sure i saw the guys from your from your dad's studio setting that up on christmas. So that was. That was the beginning if not. It's not the end of of santa. You know finding out about us for her so she went home and she said did santa claus really set that up for us amused. He must act stray. Yes yes yeah. Isn't that wonderful. The reason the reason. I was really thinking about which house was which is that again. Whoever owns the house now. That play house is still there. It's out in the backyard. So the If anybody saw the documentary about the archives that was on disney plus while no it wasn't not disney plus it. Forgive me it was. It was strained through de twenty three and they only showed it like Over a weekend. And don hahn produced it and everything so i think a good number of people saw the reason i said disney plus is were hoping disney plus while run at so that everybody can see.

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