The great big coronavirus balancing act of Christmas 2020



I'm health reported. Teigen tyler physician and journalist author norman swan. It's the twenty fourth of december. Christmas eve and in new south wales at least looking at some slightly revised restrictions over the next few days for christmas which depending on how you look at it as a welcome reprieve for people who really want to see their family and friends or an opportunity for the virus to spread. Yes i mean. That's everybody's fear that. Christmas is a sporting event. Will it is if it's the viruses circulating so what they've decided to do as anybody. Listening on the northern beaches will know is. They've divided the northern beaches area in to a southern region and bet scott's slightly lower restrictions that are similar to greater sydney. Except that they're they're not allowed to leave but people can come in for christmas day. Boxing day on the twenty seventh but with the northern beaches There's still nobody going in and out of people are coming round. It's only people from a from that area from the northern part of the northern beaches and they're not re- relaxing restrictions on greater sydney. So yep we are letting things go a little bit but not a lot you balance the risk of the virus spreading with giving people freedom to go and celebrate christmas as they want to like. There's going to be places where the risk of the virus spreading is hire and other places where it's low and maybe it's not fair to just look everyone up in this under the same tough restrictions out of an abundance of caution well while most cases are traceable back to the northern beaches outbreak there are still cases in the eastern suburbs of sydney in the northern suburbs and the western suburbs and those cases grow albeit slowly. So there's there's actually a fair question to ask is why restrict this to Northern beaches when there are problems in other areas and i think the statistic here is how much unknown spread. Is there in new south wales. There's not very much but there is a bit so there's a risk elsewhere so they can't let up too much and there is a calculated risk in three days of slightly lower restrictions in order for people to circulate by the trying to limit that circulation in terms of high risk areas in northern laura's carriers but the still a potential for a super spreading event which we would only find out about five to ten days after christmas so this the toughest restrictions are in the northern beaches northern part of the northern beaches. Like you just said norman. But is the risk confined to that area because we've seen cases popping up in other parts of sydney as well though. The risk is not confined to that area. It's just highest risk. Just makes sense that there's more most of the viruses circulating circulating in the northern beaches. And what they're saying is circulating in the northern part of the northern beaches but viruses circulating in greater sydney each day there are more cases outside not very many more but there are few cases in the eastern suburbs of sydney. There are some in western suburbs and in northern suburbs so they just slowly grow still linked. But i mean for example if you take one. Daily is an italian deli stroke cafe in paddington called elementary. There's already been a secondary case from there. So now you've got a chain of transmission in that particular cafe which has gone from what i understand to be a hairdressing salon to somebody who worked in that cafe who then has inadvertently spread that to somebody else. We don't know whether it's a customer or a staff member

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