A highlight from Insurrection Act its the Pentagon VS President Trump

Eric Erb Live


Platform of natural news dot com. Now they're saying mike adams's sane He's confirming what i've already put out that. President trump did sign the insurrection. Act last night january tenth. He did sign the Insurrection act now also him signing the act. Here's the thing. There's a little caveat and the Pentagon i e the military will not follow the orders as of right now anyway. As of the time of this podcast they will not obey. Trump's orders they are negotiating right now and in the middle of negotiations with president trump. And what the pentagon wants an order to fulfill the Insurrection act the orders because president trump has declared. This is they want to go to war. With china these are the top brass at the military the upper echelon wheat the upper echelon the elite the upper echelon in the elite. The top brass want to go to war with china. Are they want to stir up in the south china sea some type of provocation or something to get the. us involved. in all i can say is this has to come from the military industrial complex pressuring the general saying we need to make more money. We need to make more money Raytheon and all those Darpa and all these other Con companies here lockheed martin of course Those three those are the big three that Our defense contractors. They're part of the dod department of defense and those three big companies. No doubt or probably. I'm assuming probably pressuring the top brass in general is there at the pentagon and they're we need to make more money. We need to make more money as soon as you retire. You can come work for us and make gazillions of dollars you know. That's probably the the always lay that on the line and they can do something and you know and and when you're a general and your high ranking general you know three star four star and above. Normally you have a lot of clout Obviously rubbing elbows with everybody. That is anybody in the pentagon you make a lot of connections if your career general you know twenty five thirty years plus you make a lot of connections and when you make a lot of connections there in the pentagon. He know a lot of influential people born abroad. So that goes a long way that no in people goes along way and those Generals career never ends in.

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