Christina Anstead reveals new Maya Angelou-inspired back tattoo amid split from husband Ant: ‘Still I Rise’

Daily Pop


Hollywood is going through some drastic changes. You guys take a look at crecy. The fed's new inc. Her tattoo runs down her spine It's inspired by my angela. Maya angelou poem that says still i rise. Now clearly she's been through it This comes after her split. From and and said i love the look of this hat tattoo. I think it chic. I love the message. I think it goes good. I think it works with what she's going through right now. Oh there's not get hot photo. Yeah i i agree with you. I love the tattoo. I love the message. I love the background of it. I just always say when you're going through a life change especially break-up do not make a permanent decision until a year later but it is still i rise and we could you reference to anything in life. Are you gonna want arrived and this. This is this justice conservative side that he pretends he does not have he. He hates plastic surgery. He doesn't like that too. He loves to be extremely proper. I agree with justin. I joan. I really wanna be cooler than i am. I just ironically do not love tattoo and especially not on a woman. I just don't know why like. I don't like their cool. I you know. Everyone's you know free to express themselves. However they want to. She's obviously stunning. It looks great. She got a hop back. I just don't i don't know does nothing for me. I've never wanted to be like today's the day that like. I'm gonna inc myself up with something.

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