Top 10 Best and Worst Games of 2020


Assembled our very own top ten list of the best and worst games of 2020. To kick it off. Let's start with the worst the truly terrible of last year at number five. The worst game of last year is bleeding edge. Do you guys even remember this game? It was a pack of sugar without being an actual shooter in a market already overcrowded by other hero Shooters. Yeah instead of guns. You want to given mainly weapons that being swords knives six years now, that's entertainment at number four is Cooking Mama Cooks car and this game is absolutely my favorite of the worst because this adorable animated cooking game not only sucked because it was so tedious and repetitive. It was also a scam. Yeah, the game was an unlicensed product that served as a mining platform for cryptocurrency number three on our naughty list is not Elder Scrolls blades the game that pretended to be Skyrim but wasn't even close the game had lengthy talk scenes and tried forcing you to buy upgrades for gear. That wasn't even valuable in the first place down. That it was so insanely boring. Our number two on the sucky list is Warcraft 3 reforged wizard infuriated their entire gaming base with this one by promising fans graphical updates and cinematics upon launch instead is only got minor texture upgrades and hostile user policies the game became so hated that it received the lowest use on rated score on Metacritic as the great big Norton pointed out. You really slapped us off base with this one blizzard and Now ladies and gentlemen, the worst game of 2020 is Crucible the game was so generic all around and offered nothing new Amazon's new gaming. I thought was so poorly received that Jeff Bezos D list of the game a few days after it's released and put it back into closed Beta And as for the server's well, those were shut down on November 2020 just six months after lunch. Now, let's switch to the Great Stuff guys the games that provided a sheer joy and happiness. And what was a troubling year number five on the good list is The Last of Us Part 2? Now I know what this game was divisive due to its pacing and users playing as the bad guy but there was a ton to celebrate here. The combat was richer environments were more immersive and the stealth sections for even more intense it honestly took me a month to beat the campaign and that's not because I'm a slow player. I just hiding in the grass from each of the guards for about two hours. Our fourth best game of 2020 goes to Half Life Alex. This game was a technical Masterpiece and raised the bar for VR titles capturing detailed environments at 60fps with an incredible story predating Half-Life two before then. I thought we are games were pretty silly. This one opened my eyes and my living room Number three on our list is Ghost of tsushima this amazing Samurai sword-wielding game. Not only had a compelling storyline, but also offered a multiplayer mode where you and your friends can fight together as Samurai. Number two goes to you guessed it Animal Crossing. This game helped us make it through the pandemic as we crafted our islands and invited Burns over 40 special events or whatever you're into some people recreated game shows others held their weddings in graduation ceremonies for me. I just love scuba diving for see stars with the screw the turn of game. It's all about the stars and the number one best game of 2020 goes to cyberpunk. Yeah, the reason for this one and finally came

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