A Deep Dive Into Rudy Gobert After the Jazz Lose To Denver


Talk about Rudy. Gobert. What? What do we want to know about mr. Gaubert because I thought before today and obviously today is Sunday. I thought before the day that he was running away with the defensive player of the year award. And then today happened today happened. I would not go as far as running away with the defensive player wage. I thought he was running away. I thought it was a significant gap between him and everybody else. So I totally understand why you would say that their top five and defense coming into town today. They're really really good team Utah. They are arguably playing better before today than anybody in the NBA just point blank. Especially now that the Lakers have hit like off a bit of a bit of a malaise having said that I'm still saying Anthony Davis Ford Prince of player of the year because they've number one defense and he's the one the keys the number one defense in the NBA off. He's by far the most versatile defender in the NBA Rudy I think is a reasonable like honestly probably would be second for me right now Myles Turner has a case sneaky class that I've been advocating as much as I can Larry Nance would probably be in my top five right now. He is the whole reason that the Cavs have a reasonable defense. Yep. Right now a top-10 defense, but I digress nonetheless Rudy gobert has been very very good for the Utah Jazz this year and I thought that Utah's games this week. We're kind of a perfect encapsulation of the Rudy gobert experience against Dallas. He was the reason that they just come holy month and utterly annihilated the Mavericks in both of those games and I watched the first one close cuz I bet on Dallas because Utah was without Donovan Mitchell was without a favors and Dallas was getting back Dorian finney-smith was getting back to like Powell. I thought that they'd take that energy and catch you too on the back end of a back-to-back and be kind of run away with that game and that absolutely one hundred percent was the wrong side to be on and in large part. It was because of the incredible grass. City that Rudy gobert holds as a pick-and-roll offensive threat, he is completely obliterated kristaps porzingis in that in those two games like butterwood obliterated him like wipe them off the face of the Earth on both ends. He averaged 23 points and 16 rebounds. He had like three blocks. He had a couple of steals. He was dead thing that people who are Jazz fans and that yell from the rooftops about Rudy. Gobert. He was everything in those two games that people say about Rudy being like a top-12 impact player in the NBA. You'll hear sometimes in this game today against Denver Nikola jokic made him look like a parking cone on defense and

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