‘Courtside Karen’ Removed From Los Angeles Lakers, Hawks Game After Heckling LeBron James


So i'm so. Glad i'm named karen i think The million cairns of the world should unite But these two women were kicked out of the lakers. Atlanta hawks game last night for screaming. That lebron james and one woman is being called courtside karen. She's blamed She's blaming lebron. James restarting hoping here. She is lebron. James looked at my husband during the game and customer. And i stood up and i go. Don't talk to my husband. Chocolate husband one more time. I love this woman. Anybody that stands up to that prancer. I cannot fly or cannot stand. Lebron james i think he's the most dislike -able a athlete of our generation can't stand him he's also another bad. Winter is like when he won. Aren't i'm gonna get my do nothing enjoyable about this guy unless team no humility with unless for sure he called himself king james. Let's start and stop there. So he says he's happy are back in the stands

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