‘Recall Newsom’ effort gains more than 1.3 million signatures


Story. Everyone in California talking about today and now nationwide is the recall movement against Governor Governor Gavin Newsom. Over the weekend. We got word of 1.3 million signatures is the current tally, according to recall organizer's 1.3 million signatures. That means that they're on a pace of about 100,000 week. They need to get to at least 1.5 million quality signatures. But in order to know that they got the signatures, they've got to get two million. Two million signatures. Let's see 100,000 per week and we've got seven weeks left where at one point yet it's very going toe to be very close. But we have to keep the pace we're on. Get to the two million so 1.3 million signatures was the big announcement this weekend. They need two million signatures that would require about 100,000 signatures each and every week through March, 17th. Which is the deadline to submit them, But for you and me to collect them were probably really looking at March. Mm 8/9 or 10th. To submit them to the campaign so they could be properly reviewed, vetted, processed and submitted to each of the county registrars of voters. Now there's also been big developments over the weekend in terms of candidates getting in the race. We had John Cox on this show on Thursday of last week. Well, on Saturday, he announced it's official. He's running for Governor, John Cox ran in 2018. He was the Republican nominee. Um And he said he's running because Newsome is really that bad, and he's learned a lot about how to run races from his last race. Also right wing activist Mike Son of Bitch who has a big following on Twitter announced today that he is also going to file papers to run for governor if the recall qualifies. Kevin Fucker is still saying he's looking at it. But his team said he raised a million dollars $1 million and he put out a tweet saying this is a movement. Really a million dollars. Well, what he doesn't tell you is that the million dollars came from 13 fat cat donors. Kevin That's not a movement. Must you put a word with the letter B at the beginning of it, But anyway, the point being, we now have candidates. They're stepping forward and running on the Republican side. Lots of them. Also a billionaire has put $100,000 into backing the recall effort. Chammah, Polly Tapia. He's a Internet guru big following on social media. He is very, very wealthy. Challenged him last week that if he's going to run for office, he better pony up and give money to the recall. He has done that $100,000 to back signature collection. By the recall committees now In a in a sign that Gavin Newsom is taking this recall threat much more seriously. He's not only beginning to cave on important policies like the State Home Warner, or last week, he was indicating. Very big shift is coming on his decision to back government teachers unions to force kids to stay home and keep the school shut. But now we're seeing actual money being spent against the union. I'm sorry against the recall The National Union of Health Care Workers today rolled out a digital media campaign where it is running ads asking thousands of Californians to sign a petition opposing the ouster effort. Uh, the funding of these ads not only designed to dissuade people from signing, but they're also Reinforcing that If you signed their petition, they can get your name off of the recall paperwork in case you signed as some a mistake in case you were confused. Not a whole lot of people are gonna be confused. But what you're going to find, though, is that the unions and Newsome are now going to start pushing counter signatures. They're called withdrawal forms. Under California state law, someone who signs recall paperwork can take their name off of the recall petition after it's been submitted to the state. By signing a roux withdrawal petition. Why would you sign a petition to recall a state official and then turn around and sign a withdrawal? Well, yeah, you could change your mind. But what Newsom in the government unions and Democrats are banking on Is that people may be confused. They may not know what they're signing. So, for example. The National Union of Health Care Workers Campaign. Is emphasizing not the recall of Newsome. They're saying signed the petition because quote Now is not the time. To move Caliph Now is the time to move California on Medicare for all You see what they're doing? There is they're trying to make Medicare for all the issue, which is among some voters popular, even some Democrats popular They may not know what, exactly what they're

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