Devin Booker, Suns Dominate Celtics Defense as Kemba Struggles Again


Post game show Super Bowl Edition, I guess here even though yeah felt like the whole, you know, the last four years in a row, so he won Super Bowl Sunday a huge jigs going into this one, but when the game actually played itself out, I mean, how long did you did anyone even think the suffix for for a second had a chance to win this one in throughout the fourth quarter, at least I mean 102-91 the sun's taught the Celtics year you got you know for fourteen that we talked about how many different players can log? Have you know doesn't really contribute offensively so let's got six against the sun six players scored in double-figures here and it still wasn't enough couple of Walkers struggled. Of course, we're going to talk a lot about that Jayson Tatum a lukewarm shooting night. Not exactly what we wanted to see at him, especially down the stretch, but when it's his office looks that damn desperate, I mean, that's that's what you get. Right right fellows Nick gelso. Of course. Like I said, he's joining in here for for John we got Bobby Manning Jimmy Toscano, Jimmy. Let's start with you me Jimmy you came in here fired up because it's like you don't need one. You're already moving on to the ball, right? You don't even get into this. I want to talk about this game as much as it looked like the Celtics wanted to play this game today. I mean we're looking at like 80 points in the fourth quarter. That is ugly ugly basketball. I actually thought that the selfish would come out a little bit differently a second because they shot so poorly in that in that first half, but man it was kind of like more of the same to be completely honest. I mean listen, I know Jaylen Brown today, but that's no excuse. You know, they've able to compete a lot better than they and they did that thought today I mean I'll give them props for hanging around in the end I thought the P party kept him in it with some big big 3s and that second half there I know South Campbell Walker struggled all freaking day and if John was here I know would be ten minutes in on Kemba Walker right now he had a couple of big threes itself down the stretch but he missed another one late even later so you know very inconsistent you know that's kind of in a story with with Kemba Walker and I know that's one of the big issues people have with him but yeah it wasn't enough today frustrating it looks like it just looked like Phoenix had a lot more energy from start to finish and I mean Devin Booker did a little did a lot of everything I loved Devin Booker not just cuz obviously but I mean when you talk about some of the best scores in the NBA he's right right up there at the top where like a guy that can just like change the game in like 30 seconds all of a sudden he goes you know three straight down the court yep No, eight straight points all of a sudden, you know keeps the sons in it right there. So

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