Line 3 pipeline lawsuit fails, campaigners want Kansas City name change, and Dakota Access pipeline protests continue


This is national native news. Tonia gonzales tribes and environmental organizations lost a legal battle to stop construction of the line. Three pipeline in northern minnesota. But their attorney says there are still some good options in the fight against the pipeline as melinda to whose reports monet naismith is a staff attorney with earthjustice. She is representing the red lake band of chippewas. The white earth band of ojibway the indigenous rights group honor the earth and the sierra club. In fighting the three hundred forty mile pipeline tributary third. The minnesota court of appeals rejected the request for a preliminary injunction to stop work on it and bridge. The canadian company building line three claims it is exempt from needing a new presidential permit to cross the us. Canadian border because the pipeline is considered a replacement project and it secured that permit decades ago. However naismith says it's an entirely new pipeline along an entirely new route so it really is a new project. In any case she said the us president can resend the permit at will like president biden. Just did for the keystone excel tar sands pipeline. A second option is to get the army corps of engineers to resend several permits. She argues the core granted illegally last november under the clean water act which allowed construction to start but the law is very clear that before issuing a permit under the clean water act and an evaluation under the national environmental policy act or niba that the army corps needed to look at the risk of spills from the pipeline and needed to look at how that risk of spills would affect local tribes and tribal resources and they did neither here in the line. Three earthjustice filed a lawsuit in federal district court in washington. Dc last december seeking to get the permits overturned naismith also filed for a preliminary injunction which would allow her clients to have their day in court. Melinda to who's national native news members of indigenous groups demonstrated outside the tampa bay. Buccaneers that stadium in florida sunday as football fans headed in for the super bowl. They held change the name signs calling on the visiting kansas city team to end. Its use of native names and is a leash. Norris with the group. Florida indigenous rights and equality says much of the day was spent educating the public about indigenous people. Rethought we have to at least go stand and educate and make a statement that it's not okay to objectify and dehumanize indigenous people of our land inc. we're building awareness for sure and It's i think it's just interaction at a time so we've had a couple of positive interactions and then some that are not so positive but i think at any any type of interaction is a step in the right direction to create a shift and as soon as you turn the light on and bring awareness to something People have to think about it even if they don't want to and they're mad about it they still have to think about it so i think for that. We are building awareness in harboring is an education to this area on this issue members from the group not in our honor based in the kansas city area traveled to tampa to join the demonstration. Planes were also rented which flu around tampa over the weekend. With change the name banners the standing rock youth council is hosting a run to call on president biden to shut down the dakota access pipeline young people from the standing rock and cheyenne river sioux nations. Plan to run to the site of the no dapple resistance counts for years ago in north dakota. The run to the cannonball river is scheduled to begin on tuesday. I'm antonio

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