A highlight from His Number One Troll



Lieutenant governor in. Pennsylvania has a mansion and staff and everything at the house. And you know even when i was campaigning. I said if if if i win neither i nor my family is finding resides house. And i became the first lieutenant governor in pennsylvania to not do that in fact i insisted that the state divest itself of that house which has and last summer giselle opened the pool in houses. Large beautiful open to children all across pennsylvania. Yeah there was never a question it was like we don't like but we really want for like i could do so much with this whole and so many kids can be safe and learn how to be comfortable in a bull so that took a little work but everyone was really great and helped make it a reality and we honestly it was. It was summer. I wish we could have done in the summer again hopefully next year i never thought a second lady. I don't know when people ask me. Where do you see yourself five year. That's always a difficult question for me. So there's not my number one troll. I'm his number one troll. There's not enough bischel role. I don't have staff or anything like that. But i do now have a slightly bigger platform that i've had before that i can work on issues. I really care about by insurance. So i continued to run my nonprofits but also elevate issues. That really care about you. Know whether that's immigration. Whether that's families families need to be able to thrive in. I get to do both now even if you live in pennsylvania like do you might not know the name of the lieutenant governor. Lieutenant governor isn't usually a flashy position but this year a year unlike any other no pennsylvania could forget john fetterman once they saw him on. Tv once they saw him and once they heard him speak and a lot of you outside. The state hurt him a lot. Share as pennsylvania was put right in. The crosshairs of election. Controversy are priscilla. Gory joins us live at the state. Capital in harrisburg with that story morning. Priscilla good morning. James

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