Pence reveals U.S. Space Force troops will be called 'guardians'


Made a rather important announcement regarding the members of the U. S Space Force. Thus far, you understand Doctor route they hadn't received unofficial title so as which to refer to them and Mike Pence revealed the title at a ceremony on the White House Friday following their one year anniversary, saying this As I mentioned, we just returned from the Oval Office. And so it is my honor on behalf of the president of the United States. Who announced that henceforth the men and women of the United States Space Force will be known as guardians Now the space force said in a statement that the name guardians connects to proud heritage and culture to the important a mission and they execute 24 7 protecting the people in the interests of the United States and their allies, also indicating that the title guardians had a long history in space. This operation's going as far back to 1983 guardians of the high frontier. Of course, many people may be thinking of different guardians.

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