Ariana Grande Got Engaged to Her Real-Estate Boyfriend


Talk about Ariana Grande Day. Yes, she is engaged. And she dropped a picture of her beautiful ring on instagram and even know she was dating him. Someone what? We talked about it in August because she was seen kissing someone, Uh, And and also it was the dude's birthday. His name is Dalton Gomez. But like you, Alexis, I forgot he existed. And I thought it was just a kiss. And that was it right. So they've been dating. Probably people are thinking anywhere from 7 to 9 months. And he is I'm like, who is this guy? He looks sort of like he could be your brother. Yeah, very similar, very similar. He has a very like slick actor kind of look, so I thought maybe he was an actor. He is not. He is a luxury real estate agent. And somebody who went to high school with him has you know on Twitter said he's about 24 or 25, because he was in my grade, so she's 27. He's 24 or 25. He is a big time real estate agent. Um, and he works for the errand Kirkman Group, which is luxury real estate company in Southern California. He happens to be the sole buyer. For this top luxury real estate team. At 24 years old 25 2025. Yeah, Yes. Now I hate to say this because But who's his father? Like his dad? Is his data released it like how does somebody get into that and become ah, Mogul at age 25 hope of family. I don't know the answer to that yet, but he has sold a lot of luxury homes and he has he has homes on his list. And properties that air like by architects that are very notable works that are like one of a kind homes that are very Sought after, um and he just looks like a baby. He does. I bet that business is going really well right now. Yeah. In the luxury realm of buying and selling homes, you're seeing a bunch of them. Come up on on the market. And if they're buying those up and can hold them for a while, and it looks like he probably was. Miley Cyrus is, um Real estate agent He's seen in her instagram stories back in 2017. People have tracked that down. He was in the music video with Ariana Grande Day. Um, her song with Justin Bieber. I can't think of it right now stuck with you. Maybe. Yeah, that came out in in August. So we see him dancing and kissing and all of that stuff with her in the video stuck with you letter you with you. OK s o. You know, that's who he is. He's bought her a big old ring. It looks like he has money of his own right and Maybe. Yeah. You know, I'm not gonna judge but I am a little bit. Seven months or eight months is a little quick, isn't it? I don't know. I feel like that. I guess there was a year off that she took after dating Pete Davidson, which people need, like, five years off after dating him. Maybe never day together like I'm done. I'm done. She'll says a Netflix documentary coming out. I guess today with this Excuse me. I love you. And her fiance is is in it, okay? So, Yeah. What were you saying? Kenny? You don't think this guy looks kinda I don't know. Slimy, you slick. I definitely saw that thinking. Well, it looks like a rugged guy. He doesn't look like he's gonna be building a log cabin on one of your man channels anytime soon. But, yeah, he looks like to use his garters to hold up his socks at 80 24 for her, right. Maybe he's I mean, obviously, he's not in the entertainment industry but works with entertainers. Through real estate property. He I mean, he was in that world he looks like he has a manicured nails is what you're saying. Oh, for sure he's got clear polish on Yes. Absolutely a boy. But maybe he's very grounding. Obviously, as a businessman, and you know, having this I don't know. Because Pete Davidson, if you look at the you know, you've got Mac Miller that she dated and Pete Davidson and you know they're creative types. Maybe she just needs somebody who's Focus on business and has more of Ah, non this calming effect. Yes, yeah. You know, when I first heard saw the ring and you know just the were swirling talking about all of this. I actually I feel really happy for her on Lee in that I think she's learned to keep her relationships kind of, you know, down low or quiet. You know that This is actually a serious relationship before you know, it's all been public. And yes, you might have songs that come out about him later, but For us to be kind of surprising. Whoa! She's got a ring. Yeah, She kissed him in everything. But yeah, that just felt like All of a sudden a date or something. Thus she just started dating him, right? We've only seen him a couple of times exactly that shocking, but they have dated for a while. And maybe right now, I mean, with quarantined here, they've been quarantining together. I read so I'm wondering if quarantining That just really? Exasperates that the acceptance of spending all this time accelerates. Yeah, just work together. We're love. Let's do this. Especially feeling like life is too short. Let's just let's just go for it. Yes, I wonder if there's gonna be a lot of that. I know the baby boom but also love and divorce. I mean, on the boat on both sides to going Yeah, it brings out stress, but also can bring people together. Yeah, it's just It's weird because she also looks so young to me. I sound ancient. Right now. There is a definite baby face. And she does she does. She always looks like which you know. Good for her. She looks like she's 18. So the fact that she's getting married. It almost seems like she's a little sister or something that you're like. Wait a minute. Do you want to do this? Right. She looks like you should be asking me what My order is at a fast food place. That's what totally Yes, Katie. Uh, well, we wish them all yet happiness in the world. Yes, we do.

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