Should James Harden sit out Houston Rockets preseason opener?

First Take


Got another nba game. I want to dive into the rockets in thunder game scheduled for wednesday night was postponed after houston. Didn't have the league required. Eight available players need to proceed with the game. Under the nba's protocols all comes after superstar. James harden was declared unavailable after video surfaced of him partying at a houston. Area club hardened defended his actions on yesterday the same day the nba. Find him fifty k. For breaking protocol perk. We know james harden wants out of houston. The miami deal fell through. Tell me we know he's open to philly or brooklyn. Should the rockets sit hearted. Hell no hell no send him for what what what what what what are. The rock is going to benefit by sitting james or nothing. This is a gas deal today. That is a walk in bucket. One of the best scores game has seen is no way to rockets. Kasit james on a guy that japan over costa forty million dollars a year. Mvp candidate type guy. Yes he has his extracurricular activities that he has his issues off the court but when he steps between those lines the gospel could play basketball and he can up the rockets he still is. The right missed the rocky hill. He is culture steel while he's in iraqi uniform. The rock is what best decision is to play janes or whatever they have to deal with even moving it makes zero sense at all to see. James wallis is okay. We're playing with them. The markets cousins is. Okay would pay when he did play with them in. The preseason is pretty good to me. So i know i. If i'm the rockets you gotta hold tight. You gotta deal with these issues internally. Try to give pass it but send james is not the answer

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