Muted Mardi Gras: Closed bars, barricaded Bourbon Street


Grown virus related limits on access to bourbon. Street shuddered bars and yes frigid weather. All expected to prevent what the city usually graves at the end of mardi gras season streets and businesses jam packed with revelers. You know and it's just not fat tuesday. Have you ever gone to mardi gras in new orleans or have you ever gone in the weeks. Preceding mardi gras. Because a. i can't tell the difference to be honest with you. I've never been there for the official fat tuesday. But i have been there was actually there on business in well a different life and the weeks before mardi gras i mean it's you've got the floats and he's got the festivities and you've got the. Hey mr throw me the beads well and everything that goes along with that. no. I didn't take part in that. Come on now but what a party. And what an economic boost for new orleans. Well not so much this year again parades and parties on mardi gras fat tuesday. Happy fat tuesday to you. By the way and the days leading up to that annual pre-lenten bash usually drive more than a million people each and every year button. No the grinch has spoken parades canceled. You had mayor latoya cantrell. Recently bars closed bars. Totally closed mardi gras. Imagine that

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