She used Gorilla Glue as hair spray. After 15 washes and a trip to the ER, it still won’t budge.


Let's move on from President Trump to someone else dealing with the never ending bad hair day. Gorilla Glue is now responding after a woman used their product in her hair testicle Brown posted on Instagram earlier this month that her hair had been stuck in the same style for over a month after she used gorilla glue spray to keep her hair in place. Brown says she used the gorilla glue. After she ran out of her usual spray. Brown had to actually go to the hospital for medical help. Been removing the glue. She's taken a social media with her plans of hiring an attorney to pursue charges against gorilla glue. She claims while the product's label warns against using on eyes, skin or clothing, it does not mention hair man. Going to feel bad for this woman. Good as crazy as this is, I kind of know how she feels right. One time I accidentally ordered Papa John's pizza thinking was food. No one wanted me.

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