A highlight from The 2021 OHSAA Girls Basketball Playoffs Preview


Listener this up so two. Oh one just to give you a little taste on. what's common the next few episodes. Well we're going to dedicate one episode for each girls basketball boys basketball and ice hockey playoffs in this thing of ohio. We're focus on the southwest ohio teams and a few northwest ohio teams normally. That's your shelby county all glaze county. Maybe a little mercer county mixed in there. You get the picture if they're in the miami valley or in the tri state area. Where talking about them so again. Great to have you aboard and this episode will focus on. Oh essay girls. Basketball playoffs are to believe they start next week. Something close to that yeah. It's it's here playoffs well. We have a full slate of playoff games where we award state titles. I certainly hope so. But we'll talk about the brackets and things will have to kind of happen as they do. But i some important news for sports fans the gave fans and sports video game fans even who. Yes they do exist. This is from sportscenter. You know sports center on. Espn goes do do do do. This is from twitter again at sportscenter breaking news. Ea sports is rebooting. It's college football series. For next generation consoles the announcement ends the hiatus that the game has taken. Since then michigan quarterback denard robinson appeared on the cover of ncwa football fourteen. So yeah that is huge news. Normally video game Sports video games that have used them. Come out it's like car models you know you get the two thousand twenty two this year the next year. You're twenty two thousand. Three's schwartz games are like that. But that's not the important part. What is the important part. Ea sports put it on the switch or i revolt and yes i know your main video game fans have either the xbox or the playstation

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