Domestic extremism has become 'mainstream,' could threaten American life for 20 years

Why It Matters


Foreigners coming to america to kill americans we immediately condemned and we see it as offensive wrong illegal and we've waged twenty year war on terrorism against this kind of threat. Some winter occurs in the united states. It's something we ignore. We don't wanna come to grips with and in part that's because of the constitutional freedoms freedom of expression freedom of assembly. But we have to understand too that words matter and that words can be weaponized as we've seen unfortunately in the digital arab be very quickly and easily transformed into want an outright violence last month on a bright day in the capital president biden used a phrase that no previous president had used in an inaugural address white supremacy arise streamers of supremacy domestic terror. Is words were delivered in the very spot. Where just one week earlier. A mob of insurrectionists stormed the capital at the behest of president donald trump. the riot was not exclusively a white supremacist event. But it did bring together. Extremists from a wide array of white nationalist and white supremacist groups. Many openly carrying flags and symbols in support of their movements one of the most haunting images of that day was that of the confederate flag being lofted in the halls of the capitol building for years. The united states has devoted enormous resources to fighting transnational terrorism. But until now the threat of homegrown white supremacist. Terror has not received the same focus even after multiple mass shootings even as the fbi and the department of homeland security designated it as the most lethal domestic threat. But now that seems to be changing. I'm gabriel sierra. And this is why it matters today white nationalism white supremacy and the fight to calm the situation has reached a dire point where the. Us capital is now in lockdown. Both the and learning more tonight about the capitol. Police officers died of injuries from the attack. Forty two year old brian. Nick served his country in. I grew up in austria and very aware of kristallnacht or the night of broken glass. He was a night of rampage against the jews carried out in nineteen thirty eight the nazi equivalent. The proud boys waste. It was the day of broken glass right here in the united states so to start with. I think it's important to have a definition. What is white nationalism white nationalism. I would define as an overarching concept that embraces the idea of white supremacism. This is bruce. He's a senior fellow for counterterrorism and homeland security at the council on foreign relations and leading expert on terrorism in twenty fourteen. He was appointed by congress to lead a review of the fbi's response to nine eleven it embraces a very strident xenophobic or anti immigrant physician. It is hostile to all those who were deemed quote unquote. The words all these strangers. All these new immigrants are taking what is ours. But not just any kind of material sense ours. His birthright the goal of a white list. I would argue is to rally as many people of his or her race into not just accepting but emulating and adopting their own exclusionary discriminatory xenophobic views. The topic of white nationalism and white supremacist extremism is complex and it lies in the shadow of the far larger problem of racism itself as you might expect with such a complicated issue. There is debate about nomenclature. I'm going to use the term. White supremacist extremism. And then tell you why. I think it's better than white nationalism. This is. Cynthia miller address a sociologist at american university in the school of public affairs and the director of the polarization and extremism research and innovation lab or peril so white supremacist. Extremism is an ideology. That believes in a hierarchy of superiority and inferiority that is racial that puts white people white civilizations as they use of the term of all others. it's global ideology and that global ideology rests on a conspiracy theory that is called the great replacement that believes that white civilizations are being deliberately. Eradicated through demographic change in immigration at the hands of usually jews and muslims. Were staring down the barrel gun here. In america we have the possibility of becoming a minority in our country. Possibility i'll say look. I'm actually using the wrong words. They're actually conquerors. And that's the thing we need to understand. Most white people were handing on the keys. Dr counter white supremacist extremists. They have specific policy proposals in mind. But essentially they want to restore a white civilization. they want to deport or what. They sometimes call in software. Language re migrate people or a non white back to their countries of

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