How Will Postponed Games Help The Boston Bruins?

Poke the Bear


Bruins will be they will not have their upcoming games against the Buffalo Sabres both postponed due to Buffalo. Cobra late issues not bruised related issues. How do these poems postponed games affect the Bruins going forward? Well, if you want to look at the negatives first, which I think the only real negative there for the Bruins the fact that they're not going to you know, they're going to add those off to schedule later on when you already got a pretty compressed 56-game schedule like the last thing you want is to just kind of drop those games, you know in March April with the schedule really sets picking up there. So that's Thursday. The only drawback um and the immediate, you know, you look at losing those two games off the schedule probably helps the Bruins right? Because one obviously the priority it's not like this is an outbreak on the email. They didn't you know play a team that you're going to see guys also get held out cuz of, you know contact tracing or testing so the room starts your vote on that regard. But yeah losing those two games for right now seems like it's a I wouldn't say it's good fortune for the Bruins, but they definitely could use it right especially that that's Saturday game. If you play that Saturday home game against the Sabres you're looking at three games in four nights for this team and you look at you know, the amount of guys they already have on the Shelf with the bruskin grzelcyk and Kasha and stood Anika and you add in the fact that you know, they get through that Washington seriously doubt anyone getting really injure like put on the Shelf but held yeah. Yeah exactly, but you still got quite a few guys with bumps and bruises Bruce Cassidy said so the fact that song Um, you know, I'm Bruce Cassidy more or less said that you know, maybe they practiced on Saturday, maybe maybe Sunday but having you know, four days off without actual games is a good choice, you know a good break for the Bruins in terms of letting them rest of these guys who have taken maintenance days as of late. Plus it allows you then to rest a guy like Chris like in Nebraska who would be back pretty soon both guys already started skating at Warrior. So rather than you know, Rush those guys back or have to play know another two games against Buffalo without those guys in the lineup you could rest of those guys, you know work back at their own pace and potentially going to go back on the road again next week have all of a sudden your you know, your second pairing defenseman and your top six guy back in the lineup, so I'm obviously not ideal when you you're having games postponed due to covid-19.

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