A highlight from Mike Pence to Retire and will turn on Trump

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The curb show like share. Subscribe folks if you like this podcast. Okay let's get into it right now. over the weekend I believe it was a friday. Night folks Mike pence the vice president. Mike pence laid out something I don't know if this was just before or just after The new year he laid out something and he basically said that he's done and retiring from politics okay so he said that he is done and retiring from politics. This is the vice president. Mike pence so what does that mean. Well first of all mike pence whoa perform his duty on january six. And that's counting the electors counting the electors from all fifty states. That's the first thing that he's going to do. The second thing is he spoke to since he is the president of the senate. What mike pence is supposed to do is once. He's counting the electors from all fifty states if he and he has that under the constitution of the united states wants to accept these electors from these five states. Let me see michigan. You have wisconsin. Pennsylvania georgia and then arizona was in question now. They're bringing other states in the question. But if you want to accept those electors from those questionable states that had fraud with no doubt no doubt whatsoever and i mean joe biden one. What eighty one million. I mean there is almost nine ten million slot there. I think i think it was about nine million votes or something between trumpet seventy one million or seventy two million i believe and then Joe biden winning and eighty one. So that's about nine million votes if you really think. Joe biden one at nine million votes. You're smoking some type of crack okay. That didn't happen. There was fraud all the way across the board. I would even go so far. This say that there's probably a little bit of fraud almost every state now. What i am going to say is going back to the vice president. Mike pence is since he's retiring Supposedly from politics he's retiring. What's going to happen is with vice president. Mike pence is he's going to count the electors. In as i've seen in i predicted i've gotten a lot of shit from people i've gotten a lot of flack from people. Oh eric you don't know what you're saying you don't know what you're talking about. You're not in politics blah blah blah blah blah. I've been right on the last two points. I've called it one hundred ten percent. I mean this should tell you louie gohmert. He's representative in the house from the good state of texas filed a lawsuit against mike pence and that lawsuit was basically that he needs to do his job. He needs to be able to count the votes and not only count the votes. He needs to reject those states. That are in question. Okay and so on that Mike pence's asking a judge just to reject that case that louie gohmert suing the wrong person. He needs to be soon congress and not the vice president of the united states.

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