A highlight from Holiday Hijinks and Helpful Results


We hope you have a happy holidays and new year's starting in six days twenty twenty one is upon us and hopefully. There's a lot more sports to talk about when that happens. But i want to explain why it's taken two weeks to get a new episode out. Well yours truly had a very very very busy stretch of those two weeks. Lots of hockey lots of basketball. And i just didn't have time to podcast. I did actually try to record. Episode one ninety six metre sports before the mayor's cup begun but i just kept getting frustrated and i kept stopping the thing and yeah i don't have a good excuse exception of i just didn't make one so i failed so i am sorry about that. Although can i mentioned that checking out the anchor app to see how many lessons i have. Yeah the last two dynamite numbers the first ever mallon's mailbag bag. Which will probably do another one next month. One hundred and thirty eight listens and the to our catch up two hundred and twenty six listens. So yeah those numbers definitely once sky-high normally get that much after Take me about maybe a month to reach that plateau normally so it's probably automatic. Boughts are automated bonds. Even that are listening to it and you know driving the points but if there are more people listening into this podcast let me say thank you because i do appreciate when people listen and give this podcast a chance so definitely definitely appreciate that. So i mentioned wide took me two weeks. I guess i should mention one. I have been doing. I've done a couple of games with a w. p. t. w. that's the radio station and pick up ninety eight point one. Fm fifteen seventy am Nine one w w dot com and also on tune in so yeah. I've had a couple trips up north to miami county and it's been a lot of fun I believe all of the stops have been at pick up. But that's okay. I mean it's nice gymnasium and it's been a lot of fun and also the half director has this joke. Well had this joke that Every time i showed up pick what would lose. Not last week i guess not earlier. This week as pick defeated xenia to get a little revenge from their lost at xenia. Lot of fun. Hopefully you got a chance to listen to that game. But that's why i've been doing. Tk ds sports were still covering the ice hockey. So we're supposed to have this jerry norma's holiday hockey tournament going but yeah we'll see how that turns outs and next month i start up again with. Espn media and i'm gonna be broadcast and a few princeton. Vikings games Basketball in the mix. But i think i also mentioned bowling swimming and wrestling bowling. I've never announced nor broadcasted wrestling and swimming. I have announced but not broadcast. So yeah. that's going to be fun weeks. Since it's a back to back to back days of henan towns of cincinnati which i i'm i'm quite pumped on thankful for the opportunities. I get when i get a chance to do a new sport. That's huge so definitely. I hope i'm on my game. And i hope i bring a great presentation those tuning in so definitely if you want. Follow me all my broadcast. It's at wwl and on twitter Haven't been sharing them on facebook as much. I know i just Twitter is my main one. Then you know there's sometimes where stuff happens and i'm trying to get things going. I mean i have most of the time. I do my tweets at the game or at the venue right before tip off whereas sometimes i'll have them in dress because oh hey i'm smart. I plan for this but there you go so yeah Of course yesterday was christmas. Spent that with my stepdaughters and my fiance. And there's a lot of fun. They got nintendo switch for christmas. Which i didn't realize that. Ea sports is stopped. Porting the games over two nintendo.

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