Healthy Eating Doesnt Have to Be Difficult: A Conversation with Kelly LeVeque

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Joined again today by podcast partner. Rachel levine. Welcome back rachel well. That was just my stomach growling. Actually a perfect lead in for what we're gonna here. Today we have a great conversation from our b. weld together series with kelly back. Can you tell us a little bit about what we're going to hear today. Rachel kelly leveque is the nutritionist. To allister's people like jessica alba and she's the one who keeps them slim trim you know in good shape and i think that's something that i definitely could use right now michael because i feel like i've become best friends with the people at the grocery store as that's like one of the few places i can go to every day it's true a listeners and just regular everyday people like us need advice and it's great stuff where kelly really breaks down the science behind the cravings that we have and how food affects our mood and our bodies and it's really great conversation. I really liked the way she talks about the fab. Four and i'm not referring to the beatles here michael i know that's where your head immediately. Okay but don't give it away. Rachel four in this episode. So okay with you. I'm holding all. We hope you enjoy the conversation. Today with kelly. Leveque and salesforce is jodie kohner executive vice president of global enablement and for more head over to ssd seat dot co slash wellbeing. That's where you can find. Our wellness. playbook was created in partnership with thrive global and tune into some great sessions with deepak chopra. Megan Arianna huffington and many many more. So without further ado. here's jodie. Connor in conversation with kelly leveque. Hello i'm thrilled. You're joining us for another edition of be well together. We have such a great guest today. I'm very very excited to welcome the very talented kelly. Leveque is her first time on our show but she is not new to show business. She is a holistic nutritionist. She is a celebrity health coach. Who works with a listers like jessica. Alba jennifer gardner in chelsea handler. Evan peters i personally love her book she does the body love series and she has a new one coming out a journal ninety days to practice positively create momentum and build a healthy lifestyle. You can also catch her on the be well by kelly podcast rate name kelly by the way we love and so she is here today to inspire us with simple healthy and tasty tips to nourish our bodies throughout this whole crazy time. So welcome to be well together kelly. Jodi thank you so much for having me. I'm really excited to be here. You know when. I think about what we're all going through. It's really challenging us to expand our talents to get cooking in the kitchen. Giving us an opportunity to really take care of ourselves. So i'm excited to be heard support your employees and clients to take care of themselves. You know. I've been in practice in los angeles for eight years with the goal always to get my clients to eat healthy consistently so i don't subscribe to a specific lifestyle diet. I have clients who follow them whether it's kito vegan vegetarian gluten free. But what i've found is that we really focused on what our body biologically needs. Those things actually help support and regulate regulator hunger hormones. They ballots are blood sugar. So my claims actually used something called the fab four. It's a light structure lifestyle. And i talk about it in my book. And it's just about focusing on fourth king's like i said that regulate your blood sugar that regulate hunger hormones. I make you fairly satisfied so in my research in my practice i've found that consistency really comes when we aren't really strict with ourselves. It can be tempting to jump on something that eat and do not eat less than something. That promises results but especially in times on this land were flows are just trying to survive. I've been fielding a number of texts emails from clients that tell me this feels like the holidays without the holidays. And they find themselves like flying by their pantry. Door in snacking. You know it's normal. It's normal when we eat those highly palatable foods we have it release of dopamine in the brain so my response to those texting emails are always just understanding and having empathy to that because it is a way to self soothe but then to remind them that those types of foods not only. Are they really highly addictive. Blood sugar so something. I explained to my clients is how much sugar works. So let's say that we did pop. Open a bag of chips has maybe they're delicious in. We're getting that dopamine. High eight those chips what ends up happening. Is we digest those chips in there mostly carbohydrates and so what they're gonna do is they're going to end up in our bloodstream. And that's her blood sugar going up. So the more we eat the higher blood sugar goes and then what happens. Is our body releases a hormone called insulin and insulin. Job is to pick up those chips in find a place in our body to store them so we store them in our liver and our muscles sir. Blood sugar stays relatively high. Because we've over eaten these types of foods and what happens is that spike and crash causes more cravings and the higher we go and the are- crash the more we crave and the harder it is sorted. Get off of that blood. Sugar roller coaster. So are you telling me that. We're trying to flatten occur. We're we're doing it with the corona virus find to do it at our bodies slept on it. Okay got the way to really do that is to focus on. The food are slow to digest that work together to really regulate hunger hormones and game that blood sugar and the things that do that are the things that either. Don't break down to blood. Sugar protein and fat. The first two pillars of the fab four and fiber in greens. So these are the vegetables that are what we would call cellular.

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